Winston Churchill

by Jacob from San Diego

A man who is capable of fighting for his country and keeping it safe is truly what you call a hero. Such heroes we do not always expect to end up in such great positions, just like Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, a man who was very successful for a short amount of time before quickly becoming a failure. His mother was an American woman with Iroquois decent. He was born in the Duke of Marlborough's largest palace in Blenheim. He began as a soldier for the British army, but soon worked his way to becoming the Prime Minister of defense, which gave Britain hope and gave Churchill the title of a hero. A hero must possess Courage and Intelligence. Courage is when all else has failed you continue to push on, not caring about what happens to yourself but only about others. Intelligence is when one can handle themselves well in a situation by using their wits, and can use it to influence others around them. Winston Churchill in his life had both Courage and Intelligence, and he used these traits to his advantage in helping the millions of people around him.

Winston Churchill flashing a peace sign (
Winston Churchill flashing a peace sign (

Winston Churchill demonstrated his courage as prime minister in many ways and even before he had that position. An illustration of Courage is seen when it is read that "Churchill very early exhibited the physical courage and love of adventure and action that he was to keep throughout his political career. His first role was that of a soldier-journalist". This shows that before he became a prime minister, Winston went into battle as a journalist. Going into the war and fighting gave him courage that he would use in his career. This quote says that Churchill very early showed that he had physical courage and a love of adventure; this is another tribute that is a good quality in a hero. Courage showed at a young age lead him to work his way into higher positions. Another quote shows his courage by saying "The final period of Churchill's career began with his rejection by the British people at the general election of 1945". This is saying that even when the people of Britain gave up on him and rejected him, he still had the courage to keep moving on in his life, instead of just giving up. He had the courage to begin a new career from one that had just ended, showing that he would not let something like that ruin life for him. Churchill through everything continued to show courage started at a very young age and even after he had been rejected by the British people which continues to show his hero-like qualities.

As the Prime Minister during World War 2, and a soldier-journalist in World War 1, Churchill used his intelligence in speeches and writings all around him. The article shows he used intelligence by saying "His decision to put Britain back on the gold standard was a controversial one" This talks about how Winston used his intelligence to make a judgment on his own thoughts rather than the bias that others used. Churchill felt that the decision he had made was right because it was a benefit to himself and the British people, which was a smart decision for him to make in order to help his country. "The major intellectual achievement of this period of Churchill's life was his Liberalism and the Social Problem (1909)" People felt that the writings of Winston Churchill were so intelligent because of the way he wrote about everything. He had written about the war, what it was like to fight in it, what it was like being the prime minister, people had just read and knew that Churchill was very intelligent. He was an intelligent man due to his writings because they were so similar to the speeches of patriotism and strength that he had spoken during the war. Winston Churchill on many occasions was known to be a very intelligent man who used this ability to rally those around him to become stronger people in a dark time like they were in.

Churchill was an inspiration to all people in Britain because of how he kept calm and used his speeches to comfort all around him. One inspirational quote from a book that Churchill wrote was "I felt as if I was walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour," Winston Churchill wrote this in his first book about the war they had been in. Churchill's destiny was to lead his country as the Prime Minister, and he never abandoned this even when it seemed so hopeless. This also shows that he believed it was his destiny to stay with his people and lead them even when they did not want him to. That is what makes him hero-like, he has inspired and helped and done everything for the people of his country even when it is not what they wanted. Another quote showing this is "That he was a political figure of enormous influence and importance, belonging in many ways to an age earlier than the 20th century, and that he fitted uneasily into the constraints of British party politics until his moment came in 1940 are not in doubt" This quote shows that people believe Churchill had a lot of influence on this people around him, and was treated well because of it. Churchill was a man who used his influence for the good of his people to help them in a dark time, rather than abusing his importance, and that is what makes him a hero. Winston Churchill had all the influence and importance that he could ever want but chose to use it for good, to inspire those around him to be better and push on.

Winston Churchill (
Winston Churchill (

Winston Churchill is a hero in the way that he was able to use Courage and Intelligence to inspire those around him. Even in the worst of time Winston Churchill kept going with his courage to move on for the survival of Britain. He also used much of his intelligence to inspire citizens with his speeches so that they would not give up. Winston Churchill inspires me and others because he was able to lead a country through a very dark time using his Intelligence and Courage to keep them going. He never gave up on the British people and was ok when they still rejected him later. I believe that Winston Churchill is a hero because of the abilities he was able to show during and before his time as Prime Minister.

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