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Winston Churchill (
Winston Churchill (

"In the fall of 1899, war broke out between the Dutch Boers and the British in South Africa. Churchill headed there as a correspondent and was captured by the Boers not long after his arrival. In December, he managed a dramatic and dangerous escape from the prison camp where he was being held and eventually made his way into neutral territory."("Winston Churchill." Contemporary) Winston Churchill was able to do anything and no one could stop him. As he went to South Africa as a journalist he was captured and imprisoned. He escaped prison and went on living a normal life. Heroes are people who seek for options to help people or a place always and cares about them not about the popularity and the awards. Churchill dedicated his life to protecting Europe and everyone in it from the threat of the Nazis.

Winston Churchill ( ())
Winston Churchill ( ())

One of many traits both heroes and Churchill have is bravery. "Between 1895 and 1899 Churchill saw active military service in Cuba, India, and the Sudan."("Churchill, Winston." World) During his life he joined the military to go to Cuba, India, and Sudan to help his country settle battles. He knowingly put his life at risk to help the people of his country win a war. "After leaving Sandhurst, Churchill joined the British army as a cavalry officer, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy life as a soldier."("Churchill, Winston." International) Even though he had such a scary and risky job, he was still enjoying his life and he was glad to be there even if it meant he might die. Churchill's efforts in the British army demonstrates his bravery and courage to help others.

Churchill's first priorities were to save the people not to save himself. This shows another trait he has in common with a hero, Caring. "...Churchill was chosen to lead his country. He became prime minister on May 10, 1940, and he immediately expressed his determination to keep Britain safe and, eventually, to free the rest of the world from Nazi tyranny." ("Churchill, Winston." International) Although his first goal was to protect Britain he sought as soon as that was accomplished to save as much of the rest of the people of Europe from the dangerous Nazi army and keep the massacre from spreading as much as possible. "During the early 1930s, Churchill opened himself up to criticism as a warmonger for repeatedly warning in speeches and articles about the threat posed by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Pacifist sentiment was very strong in postwar England, and no one wanted to hear about the need to prepare for another conflict. To absolutely no one's surprise, he was excluded from the government Neville Chamberlain formed in 1936 and stood virtually alone in Parliament in opposing Chamberlain's policy of appeasing Hitler."("Winston Churchill." Contemporary) Churchill didn't care what people thought of him he only cared about saving these people. He tried to convince people who would judge him as an idiot that these were real people just like them being killed for no reason besides what they were.

Winston Churchill ( ())
Winston Churchill ( ())

Churchill inspired people by being himself and standing up for what he believed was right. This set an example for people to follow and his impressive goals and success was even more encouraging for people."Churchill died in January 1965. His impressive state funeral service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London reflected his stature as a hero to the people of Britain and much of the rest of the world. A man of incredible vitality, intellect, courage, and wit, he was admired for his ability to inspire greatness in those who heard his words, such as these he delivered at his old school, Harrow, in 1941: "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.""("Churchill, Winston." International) Churchill was a huge influence worldwide and died in success as he has changed the world for the better and inspired people to do the same. "With the death of one of the last great figures of World War II came a sense that the world itself had changed in some way, that the era of such personally powerful and dynamic leadership had also ended. As a writer for Time put it, "Today's rulers seem, in comparison, faceless and mediocre. Churchill was an aristocrat, a brilliant dilettante, a creator in a dozen roles and garbs."("Winston Churchill." Contemporary) Churchill had such a strong influence that when he died people felt as if the world was a whole new place and that we need a new hero like him.

Winston Churchill was a hero. He dedicated his life to the people of his country and to the people of Europe. He was the reason so many Jewish people were able to continue living. Winston Churchill was a hero because of the lives he saved by being dedicated to the good of the world.

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