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young winston churchill (google imagegs ())

Few people have been able to make a great influence to millions of people through tremendous speeches or courageous actions.  Winston Churchill was one of those few because he inspired millions of Brits to stand up and fight in World War II, and he was able to write noble prize winning novels when he had free time.  Winston Churchill was a war vet and the Prime Minister for Great Britain during times of dire need.  He fought in World War I and had a large influence on parliament until he became Prime Minister.  Churchill held the title of Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.  Winston Churchill was born in Oxfordshire and spent the majority of his life in Great Britain.  Churchill was brave because he was to be willing to fight for what he believed.  He also was to be able to inspire people to follow in his footsteps.  Everyone knows Winston Churchill for his time as Prime Minister, but many people do not know he was a great war hero and a successful politician. 

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churchill in the military (google images ())

Winston Churchill was the greatest wartime leader in the history of Great Britain; he also fought in the wars to protect his country.  Churchill served terms in British India and the Sudan, where he rescued several soldiers that were captured in action.  "As news of his ordeal became known, Churchill was hailed as a hero" (Contemporary Heroes).  Enemy forces captured Winston Churchill along with several other British troops that were under his command.  Because Churchill was so brave and confident, he thought of a plan to escape that succeeded saving himself and everyone he was with.  After resigning from the military, Churchill pursued a career in parliament.  "In January 1919 he became secretary of war" (Herbert).  Winston Churchill's efforts in the military were so recognized that parliament made him the secretary of war, so he could inspect over the country's military services.  Churchill continued to shape his career around protecting Great Britain from war, which is what he would later become known for.  All throughout his career, Winston Churchill always showed his overwhelming confidence whether it was on a podium or in the battlefield.  "Never felt the slightest nervousness"(Bigelow).  Churchill told his mother he never felt nervous during war and this showed Winston's brave and inspirational character.  Besides a slight lisp in his speech, he was always showing his ability to speak out and deliver such great speeches.  Churchill's efforts helped Great Britain in the war and landed him a spot in parliament where he would pursue a long career in the government. 

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older winston churchill (google images ())

As a politician, Winston Churchill inspired the British people through his speech to keep fighting, even though all seemed lost during World War II.  "Immediately made a name for himself with his forceful opinions and penchant for siding with the Liberals on many issues"(Contemporary Heroes).  Churchill was outgoing in his youth and that help carve the way towards his bright future.  He would side with other parties only if he agreed with them; he would always fight and stand up for what he believed in.  Student Resources In Context stated Britain voted Winston Churchill out of office out of office, but that would not stop him from his politician days.  "In the election of 1945, he was voted out of office" (Bigelow).  People did not respect him; they thought he could only be Prime Minister during wartime,  Churchill ignored this and kept fighting towards his goal.  Even after they voted him out of office, he would continue to inspire the British people through his speeches and that would later help him become Prime Minister for a second time.  Churchill was known for being such a great war time hero.   "'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat'--and committed himself and the nation to all-out war until victory was achieved" (Herbert).  Churchill fully committed himself to making Great Britain a greater country.  He was known as being a war hero because he kept Great Britain in the fight against the Nazis even when it seemed that there was no point to keep fighting.  Winston Churchill's great political career was paved by being able to inspire to people to keep fighting for everything they believed in. 

winston churchill (google images ())
winston churchill (google images ())

Winston Churchill is Britain's most famous Prime Minister, but many people are unaware he served time in the British military and was also a successful politician before becoming Prime Minister.  Winston Churchill fought in World War I to begin his career in politics.  Churchill was in parliament and had an influential voice.  Winston served two terms as the Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Winston Churchill inspires me because of his constant persistence and love for his country.  Churchill was voted out of office but he continued to make his voice heard until he became prime minister.  Even though Winston was part of parliament he still left Britain to fight in the war for his country.  Winston Churchill was voted Greatest Briton of all time in 2002.  He deserves this title for everything he did to protect Great Britain from World War I and II.  Winston Churchill was not only an inspiration to Great Britain; he was an inspirational figure to the rest of the world.  Churchill is widely regarded as being among the most influential person all throughout the history of Great Britain. 

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