Winston Churchill

by Jackson from Williamsville

Winston Churchill. Hmmm most important person in Great Britain because he didn't ever give up WWII and he could have lost the war and Great Britain could have become a German colony. I think he is a hero because he helped win WWI. He also won WWII and he is in the category of peacemaker, because he won WWII and saved the world as well as keeping peace in the world. I think Winston Churchill is also a symbol of WWII because of his courage. As you can see many people have different opinions of Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill, hmmm, 2 words heroic and dedicated. Winston Spencer Churchill was an early birth, 2 months early actually. He was born in Blenheim Palace and his dad was one of the Dukes of Marlborough. His dad was on the road of becoming prime minister of Great Britain. Winston's mom on the other hand was a wealthy American and her dad was a wealthy businessman. Winston though was never paid any attention to by his parents because they were so busy. This was taken care of by Winston's nanny. Winston was then sent to prep school and hit with a ruler by the mistress of the school because of his behavior. As you can see Winston had a very rough childhood.

Winston Churchill is a hero, he is a hero because he was a prime minister during WWII and kept Britain alive. He never fell to the Germans, unlike their allies France, and he had to blow up French ships because the Germans were trying to use them. He also won the war in Europe with the Russians on the other side and the later coming Americans. Before the war started Churchill new Hitler was a threat. Winston also got Britain motivated with his famous speeches. As you can see Winston Churchill is big part of WWII. Winston was not only a big part of WWII but WWI also because he led the teams in his sector in the trenches which is really hard to do because the areas were huge. Also Winston was brave because he got kicked out of his naval job and was free then he went back into the trenches also. As you can see Winston Churchill has a lot of courage and dedication.

Winston was a member of parliament following his dad's path and got farther than his dad. Winston became prime minister during the worst of World War II and when they made the change the tide changed. Winston was also a soldier in World War I. Winston then was a politician in between wars. Then in later years Winston was a painter and drew scenes from the wars. He also became a book writer all about battles of the wars. Winston also had many illustrations about the wars. As you can see Winston used his life very wisely.

Winston helped his community in a big way by defending Britain in WWII and through the Battle of Britain and everything. Winston also fought for his country in World War I. Winston then won the war in Europe to end WWII. Winston also went around the world with Britain's military to watch how they fought. He also liked listening to the sounds of the war. In my opinion, it is kind of strange. Winston became a big symbol or figure of WWII. Winston also helped when he was off with politics for Britain campaigning. When Winston became prime minister in the 1950's he had to go around and campaign in different countries or his country to get votes. As you can see, Winston did a lot to have his community survive and did a lot for others.

Winston's challenges obstacles or problems was that he had seen something in Adolf Hitler and warned Great Britain because Adolf was rising to power in Germany and man was Winston right. Winston's obstacle when he was young was sitting in the trenches and getting fired at by German soldiers in WWI. Also Winston's challenges were Italy when they rose to power on the German's side in 1940. Also Japan was another problem when they bombed America's naval fleet in Pearl Harbor and made America join the war. After Japan bombed America the tide of the war changed from the axis to the allies. Winston's over all challenge was defeating the axis power they were made of Germany, Italy, and japan. As you can see the 2 world wars were Winston's biggest challenges or obstacles in his lifetime.

Winston Churchill has many awards, prizes, and records. Winston Churchill has received many Nobel Peace prizes for keeping WWII from getting out of control. Also Winston has 37 orders and medals. Winston also had many other awards. Winston got many of the awards because of his personality. Winston has so many awards that he got many after he died. Winston received many decorations. As you see Winston was very famous and received many awards.

Winston Churchill also has many traits. One is dedication that Winston showed when he helped win WWII for Great Britain along with his soldiers, admirals, generals and so on. Also Winston never thought about the word surrender. A second trait Winston has is courage because he had it to send in troops to fight against the axis powers. Also he let his officers make orders not him. And finally Winston has perseverance when he kept on fighting the axis during WWII so he could win the war. Also Winston didn't have to see any more deaths. As you can see Winston could have more traits but these fit him the best.

An important lesson that you might learn from Winston is that to never give up because if you do you are failing someone else. Also Winston never gave up on himself which is really important because if Winston did give up on himself Britain might be a colony of Germany. Winston showed examples of not giving up by taking it easy if someone made a mistake. Winston is also described as a peacemaker and freedom maker because he saved many people that were being held captive by the Germans. As you can see Winston did a lot for his country and big part protecting it in WWII because they were almost taken over.

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