Winston Churchill

by JT from Cincinnati

Winston Churchill was a major influence in WWII and some of the small but gruesome battles in Europe. He rallied Britain and the Allies such as the U.S. and Russia to take on Hitler in WWII and he won. I value him as my hero because he defied Hitler and Nazi Germany, even though he knew he could die, he helped sort out injustice and other social problems in Britain, and helped the U.S become aware of the threat that Soviet Russia held. I use Winston Churchill as my hero because he showed a stupendous display of courage and bravery.

Winston Churchill climbed the ranks of the Britain military very quickly and eventually became Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. The ranking of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in Britain would be equal to a 5 star general or the President in America. When Nazi Germany started taking control of Europe, he formed the foundation of an alliance between the US and take on Hitler, which after millions of casualties the Allies won.

The main reason I chose Winston Churchill as my hero is because he took a huge defiant step against Hitler and Nazi Germany in a great time of need. The fact that he took a stand against a military force that would kill people just because they believed in a different religion or if they opposed them. I believe of him as a hero because he united the US and Russia to avenge the deaths of millions of Jews and reclaim Europe. I believe he is a hero because he had the courage to defy and fight for people that didn't have a voice or an input on what happened to them even though he knew fighting for put him, his family, and the entire UK at risk of being targeted with extreme force. He knew that defying Hitler endangered his life, but he carried on and won the war.

Winston Churchill is my hero because he showed bravery and courage that saved lives and avenged millions of people. I use Winston as my hero because I use his story to give me a little motivation when things get a little rough. He had stress and all these other things messing with his mind, but he kept calm while playing a metaphorical chess game with Hitler and the Nazis. So I think, if Winston Churchill was stressed out while waging war with Hitler and could remain calm, I think that I can get through my stressful childhood.

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