Walt Disney

by Karla

Walt Disney in his theme park Disneyland
Walt Disney in his theme park Disneyland

My Hero Walt Disney By: Karla Zima-Doyle
My hero is Walter Elias Disney, who in my opinion is a amazing! Walt was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5th 1901. He died on December 29th 1966 and lived to be 66 years old.

Accomplishments and Obstacles
In his life he accomplished many things. As well as he had to face many obstacles too. One of major accomplishments he made was creating the first colored cartoon ever! This cartoon was called "Flowers an Trees" in 1932. Another thing he accomplished was making a hit cartoon called "Steamboat Willie" that came out in 1929. It was the first cartoon Walt made with Minnie and Mickey. One last accomplishment was opening and building his theme park Disneyland. Disneyland was something Walt really wanted to accomplish. Which he did because, it opened on July 17th 1955. He wanted to make a place where families could come together. Now I am going to talk about some obstacles Walt Disney had to overcome. One big obstacle was when he was making the movie "Pinocchio," World War ll was going on. The war affected Walt's movie because everyone was sad and depressed and not many people wanted to see the movie at that time. Walt ended up not getting much money for the movie, but he kept trying. Another obstacle was "Laugh O Grams." The idea of it was to try to get people happy about it after the war. Again he was not successful in this cartoon, and ended up going bankrupt. He lost all of his money, but still did not give up. One more obstacle that Walter Elias Disney faced was a man named Charles Mintz. When Walt needed was a partner or helper. So along came Charles who claimed he could help Disney. Walt shared his idea of making a character named "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit." But Charles Mintz only came to steal Walt's ideas not to really give him a hand.

Now I am going to talk about some traits that make Walt Disney a hero to me. The first trait is Determination. Walt had determination in every little thing that he did. From making his cartoons, to creating Disneyland. He made the decision to make or do something; he did whatever it took to make that dream come true. Another trait is loyalty. Even when Disney was really busy working on his dream he always found time to spend time with his wife and two little girls, Dianne and Sharon. I think it is amazing how loyal and faithful he was to his family when he was so busy. One last trait is his courage. In Walt's life he had a lot of hard times. But he never worried or fretted. He was always ready to face something hard and difficult. When Walt faced Charles Mintz that took bravery to over face such a mean person. When Walt was poor he over faced that too.

A hero Walt Disney is a successful person. Who to me is a inspiration that you can always do anything you put your mind to. He had so many achievements he made. I think without him so many things would be different today. There would probably not be a place where families can get together. And people might have never gotten the message across to follow your dreams.

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