Walt Disney

by Patrick from San Diego

Walt Disney holding his first cartoon ( (Taken while he was alive))
Walt Disney holding his first cartoon ( (Taken while he was alive))

Entrepreneur Walter Elias Disney created a company that transmits good messages through movies for his audiences. His creativity, love, love for Nature, examples of Good vs. Evil and creation of the happiest place on earth makes him a world hero, always trying to implement and transmit a good message throughout his pieces of art. His good purposes in life were only meant to have good impacts in people and always trying to bring up a smile on people's faces even in hard times.

Walt Disney's idea and development of the happiest place on earth has made millions of kids and adults very happy around the world. As soon as Walt Disney developed his into and brought it into real life, millions of people were already visiting from all over the world. Making his park one of the biggest entertainment attractions. "On July 18, 1957, Disney opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the most successful amusement park in history, with 6.7 million people visiting it by 1966" ("Disney, Walt." UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography).  Walt Disney had the idea of developing this amazing place that would become every kid's dream in reality. Bringing the movies to real life and as he hoped, making families and kids the happiest they can be. People around all over the world, go to Los Angeles California and Orlando just to visit Walt Disney World Resorts and theme parks. Families spend a lot of money to make their kids happy. Walt Disney's idea of creating a happy place to make kids happy has grown tremendously around the world "Disney's parks continue to grow with the creation of the Disney-MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, and a extensive sports complex in Orlando. The Disney Corporation has also branched out into other types of films with the creation of Touchstone Films, into music with Hollywood Records, and even vacationing with its Disney Cruise Lines. In all, the Disney name now lends itself to a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with multiple undertakings all over the world" (Disney, Walt Encyclopedia of European Social History). This proves how a simple idea with a good purpose can grow into enormous profits and fame. His good soul leads him into big time success. Everyone that has a good mission in life gets paid off for their work hard and nonstop perseverance to accomplish the dreams they had since they were kids. A big example of work and will for not giving up when you fail a couple times.

Disney World Resort ( (Taken by employees of Bestindonesian Travel Company))
Disney World Resort ( (Taken by employees of Bestindonesian Travel Company))

Walt Disney brought up smiles on people's faces during the great depression. Through his love for nature and animals he caused a good relief for some kids and adults going through tough times. Many of Walt Disney characters are animals in their natural habitats. "The invention of such cartoon characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, and Goofy, combined with the clever use of music, sound, and folk material (as in The Three Little Pigs), made the Disney shorts of the 1930s successful all over the world. This success led to the establishment of the hugely profitable, Disney-controlled sidelines in advertising, publishing, and merchandising"( "Disney, Walt." UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography). In the quote, there is a mouse and a duck, which are two of the most famous characters from Walt Disney Pictures. As kids watch these movies, they develop a certain type of love and connection with animals. His movies made people happy even though the country was going through hard times "The happy antics of Mickey, the Pigs, and other Disney creations made life a little more bearable for millions of Americans during the 1930s. Small wonder that those same Americans continued to reward Disney with their loyal support in succeeding decades" (KAUFMAN, J. B. "Walt Disney." Encyclopedia of the Great Depression). bringing up smiles in a dark place where people are beginning to start hopeless is a great way to prove the heroines of a person. Entertainment is a big need for humans and Walt Disney made sure then and until now after his death people can watch his movies and have a good time. Heroes have a good purpose in life.

Walt Disney transmits good movies through his movies, pointing out the importance of love and the good outcome of being in the good side against evil in life. In the movie by Walt Disney "The Beauty and the Beast" he shows the message of loving someone because of their inside and not because of their looks. "In the beginning Belle views him as nothing more than a monster, he views her as difficult and stubborn. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong"(O. G. "Beauty and the Beast Plot Summary." IMDb.). A very good message for all viewers that teaches something essential and important to accomplish real happiness. Most people in this world judge someone by their physical appearance and looks and do not look into the real beauty in someone's person. In the movie The Lion King, evilness succeeds for a little bit, but at the end good wins due to the bad purposes of one of the bad characters in the story. "All of the animals will starve if Simba does not return. Simba eventually agrees to fight for his kingdom" (IMBd, Fall Geek. "The Lion King Plot Summary." IMDb). Walt Disneys message in this story is that if one does not have good intentions while doing something, they will eventually fail. At the end of the story, the one that was defeated by evil, loses everything and gets defeated by everyone. The messages Walt Disney transmits in all of his stories have something to do with good and evil, making good always win just like in real life. Even though there are still bad people out there, they will eventually loss.

Walt Disney's purpose in life was to make kids and adults happy. Always bringing up smiles during hard times and transmitting very good messages through his movies without forgetting all the details an awesome movie should contain. Millions of people at some point of their lives around the world have been touched by Walt Disney's art from a simple smile on a child's face to making a whole family have an amazing time together at one of his parks. Making people happy is essential in life and everyone in this world can often use a smile.



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