Walt Disney

by Maria Camila from Cali, Colombia

In these text I’m going to be writing about a very important person that created one of the biggest parks and very famous movies in history. I’ll be explaining why is he a hero and part of his life, and how he brings joy to the community, and the way he helped these communities.

Walt Disney is my hero. People say he has made miracles, he’s a very important and famous person, he created one of the most important theme parks, movies, animations, cartoons, giving jobs to many people. Before he succeeded he was just a normal person. He wasn’t rich, he was just a paperboy before serving his country as an ambulance driver in World War l (which I think that helps people). He had a dream called “The American dream”. Everyone has a dream and he is an inspiration for a person that wants their dream to come true, even if you’re not rich and if you don’t have enough money to make that dream come true.

He is considered a hero for me because he didn’t give up reaching his dream for kids. When he was a teenager he wanted to join the army to help his country and he left his school because of that when he was 16, I think people that want to join the army are very important people because they are the one that keeps people safe of danger, and Disney was very brave to leave school and join the army. But because he was 16 the army rejected him but he really wanted to help people so he joined the Red Cross. Then after helping it he drove an ambulance serving his country in World War l. He was a cartoonist and entertainer. He's a hero for entertaining in the main media.

He was born on December 5, 1901, and he passed away on December 15, 1966. I think he was the first person that started to make important films and made one of the most important theme parks so children can have fun. He really liked children and he wanted them to have fun, also he’s a hero because he’s giving job to many people so they won’t steal money because they don’t have a job and that’s a very important fact too.

Walt produced many movies for kids to enjoy life and to entertain them. Walt made kids enjoy life by making entertainment through movies and the parks Disneyland and Disney World. Even though sometimes he failed at making movies, he kept going on to the next one. He produced many successful movies that include Snow White, Cinderella and Bambi. One day, he found that some of his workers were doing a protest and the next day half of them quit, but he kept going on. After the war was over, Walt's work succeeded and they got a lot of money, but he kept moving forward. He loved kids because he provided relaxing and fun play to them when they needed something to release stress and Walt's contribution helped the society. Walt loved kids a lot and took a picture with the first kids ever to enter Disneyland. Millions of kids today find excitement from a movie produced by Walt or by going on vacation to Disneyland or Disney World. If it had not been for Walt Disney's hard work and never give up attitude, people wouldn’t have a lot of fun through all the work he did.

I think everyone shouldn’t ever never give up, and if you succeed just continue with your work to help the community, just as Walt Disney did with all his effort. He became one of the geniuses of the world and with a lot of creativity he did a lot of famous companies and foundations that nowadays helps children learning, having fun, and to develop their imagination. And it helps adults too, offering jobs, so we should enjoy our life and try to succeed in life! And the most important of all, never give up. That’s how Disney became famous around the world and helped the world too!

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