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by Madi from San Diego

Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse ( ())
Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse ( ())

When you think of the name "Disney" What comes to mind first? Most people think of movies, or the theme park or Mickey Mouse even. I think of Walt Disney and the character traits he holds. Walt Disney was well known all over the world for creating Mickey Mouse and many other cartoon characters. Walt and his first employee, Fred, made many cartoons and eventually he and his brother saved money to move their company to Hollywood. Disney knew he wanted to draw and animate but he also wanted to try other things with his life. He applied for the military but was declined because he was too young. So, he then packed his things and went to France and joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. Between the span of 1930 and 1960, Disney made 8 very successful, well known movies. Walt Disney is both innovative and optimistic which, in turn, rubs off on anyone he may have encountered. His contagious smile and insane ideas kept the world wondering what he was going to do next. Disney is inspiring and optimistic and innovative and he always kept a smile on his face, therefore he is a hero.

Walt Disney Logo ( ())
Walt Disney Logo ( ())

Walt Disney is an incredibly optimistic man with an extremely positive outlook on life. Disney always had a great big grin on his face. Seeing other people smile made him smile. He saw the future of things and had high expectations for the whimsy and magic that he could accomplish, "Walter Elias Disney was an optimist who believed in creating a living blueprint for the future. He and his Imagineers made fantasy into reality and built the magic of the Disney theme parks" He made sure that he had a great place for kids to grow up with, a place people grew up visiting and remembering. He had a positive outlook on life and he always saw the brighter side in things. There was never a dark side, or bad news. Disney knew of his optimism and happiness and the way seeing kids and their families smile brought him joy. He lived to ensure that people had a good time and saw the same happy optimistic side of things as he did. "I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter." While he saw the brighter side of life, he knew there was another side that wasn't so bright. He knew there were parts of the world that people were living in that weren't as good as the parts that he was seeing. While having all of this in mind he maintained a happy successful life in which he intended to make other people around him feel as happy as he was. Disney always found a way to brighten someone else's day with his well-known smile and his naturally happy personality.

Walt is mostly remembered for his fairytales and cartoon characters and his multiple theme parks that are known worldwide. Besides that he has made a land of the future and what he believed it to be like. He has made an entirely different world of what he believes the future to be like. Consisting of his ideas of how the world will be in the future and he has called it, Tomorrowland. "Walt Disney was an innovator who continually adopted new technology to enhance and advance the art of storytelling. His unshakable faith in the future led him to explore the application of new technologies in developing animation, live action films, nature documentaries, special exhibits, and parks and city planning" Disney was constantly thinking of new ideas to make Disneyland and Disney World better in any way possible. He came up with the idea of a futuristic world and he just kept elaborating on it. He made movies and Tomorrowland in the Disney theme parks. Tomorrowland was Disney's idea of how the future would be. He was always innovating and creating new things that would intrigue more people, "He went on to influence countless fields throughout his life including robotics and transportation. In a true culmination of all his talents, Walt even managed to design a fully functional "city of the future" before his death in 1966" He reached out towards different audiences throughout all sorts of different age groups from ages 5 to 75 and he just looked for ways to appeal everyone. Disney's Tomorrowland is incredibly well known and has given everyone the set idea of what the future is going to be like. Disney's innovative ideas and creations are some of the most well known worldwide and have stuck with people for as long as they can remember.

Walt Disney is a hero because he is innovative and optimistic. He inspires people to think outside the box and be as good as they can be. Walt Disney has inspired me to use my imagination to fulfill anything I need. Not only me but the children that visit his theme parks around the world. The parks are known as "the happiest place on earth" and they truly are. Its almost an alternate world where you can do nothing wrong. Disney is the creator of that utopian, optimistic, happier, alter world and that is why he is a hero.

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