Walt Disney

by Connor from Williamsville

The hero that I chose was Walt Disney. I would put Walt Disney in the business category. Walt was a business guy because he would always stay late in his office and come up with new ideas. Walt would also never give up at anything, he was such a hard worker. Walt has showed me that there are no shortcuts to becoming a successful businessman.

Walt was a good kid growing up and always listened to his parents. Walt was born December 5 in Chicago, Illinois. Walt's family consists of his mom, dad, and his siblings Roy, Herbert, Raymond, and Ruth. Walt's favorite brother was Roy because Roy looked out for Walt. Walt went to school in Kansas City, and worked as a newspaper boy. His parents were bankrupt and had no money to feed the kids. Walt learned animation at the Kansas City slide company. Walt opened his own cartoon company with Roy, were making a lot of money off of ''Oswald the lucky rabbit'' cartoon when they lost it to Universal and went Bankrupt. Walt married Lillian Bounds on July 13,1925. Walt was excited to begin his life with Lillian.

Walt had a lot of accomplishments in his time. His greatest accomplishment was that he built Disneyland and put smiles on kids' faces. Walt was the first man to put color in to a movie which really amazed people. Walt put so many creative ideas in his movies that people started to wonder how he did it. Walt created the characters Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. Walt and Roy opened their first ever company in the cartoon business called The Disney Brothers Studio. Walt's first movies are ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'', Steamboat Willie'', and Alice in Wonderland''. Walt's accomplishments made him a great man for the community.

Walt had some tough challenges and obstacles that were very hard for Walt and his brothers and sisters. Walt went bankrupt when he was in Disney Brothers Studio With Roy. Walt's mother died from a gas furnace accident. That was really hard and sad for Walt to get past. Walt's dad died from old age. Walt felt bad because he didn't know his dad was not feeling well. Walt made a cartoon called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. While Oswald was making lots of money, Walt became upset when he had lost his only big hit to Universal Studios. Walt's new movies Pinocchio, and Fantasia did a very disappointing job in the business and theaters. This led Walt's company close to bankruptcy. As you can see, Walt had obstacles and challenges that were very tough.

In Walt's time, he had many awards and honors that changed the world. Walt won more than 7 Oscar awards for only 2 movies. That's pretty cool! Walt got honored by the chance to go on TV in One Hour In Wonderland. They interviewed Walt and discussed his life and personality. Everyone liked Walt and how he made movies. Everyone started to think that they should name Disneyland after Walt Disney. Walt was excited and honored too. Walt also has 22 academic awards that he won for best movie or trying your hardest trophy. Walt holds the record for most academic trophies in the world and history. Walt was awarded 45 billion dollars in his first year at Disney World. As you can see, Walt had a lot of awards and many honors given to him.

Walt had many character traits but three really stood out to me and fit Walt perfectly fine. First, Walt was always devoting his time to everything he does. An example was Walt devoted his time to make kids happy by creating Disneyland, and making nice movies for the families. Walt also had two kids that he played with and spent time with. He also devoted his time with work in the studio. Second, Walt had a tremendous amount of courage. One example of Walt's courage is if Walt failed on a movie he would have the courage to restart and try again and not give up or say I can't do it. Walt also had the courage to not say no, and had the spirit that no one else had. Third, Walt was also very ambitious and always excited. Walt couldn't wait to see what the people thought of Disneyland, and the movies. Walt was so eager to find out what he could improve on Disneyland and the movies. As you can see, Walt has many character traits but these fit him well.

Walt inspires me by his work ethic in the studio and creativity for new things that make kids happy. When Walt finished Disneyland he said to himself. what do I need to improve to make kids happy. Walt was never really satisfied with his work. He always wanted better for the kids and families. Walt cared a great deal for the families and making sure they were happy at Disneyland. As you can see, Walt was a very good man and changed the world forever. To me Walt Disney is a hero.

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