Walt Disney

by Gabriella from Williamsville

My hero is amazing, kind, and cool. My hero Is Walt Disney! He is the most loving person in the world. He cares about people. He wants to make everybody happy all the time. Even if he was sad he would want every around him to be happy. Last but not least, he was a dreamer.

Walt Disney was born as a wonderful child. He was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He had a brother Roy and a sister Ruth. He liked them very much. They went to Benton grammar school. Ever since Disney was little he loved to draw, and be in plays. When he was little he loved to play Peter Pan in the school play. Also, he loved to draw so much that he drew on his wall. He was good at drawing. Also, when he was little he wanted to be a farmer. That is because he lived on a farm. Now here is the funny part. When he was little he found a mouse on the street and tied a rope to it and he brought it to school as a pet!!!!!! All of his classmates were freaking out! I would have thought it was funny. His family did not have a lot of money and he wanted so many things to draw with, like professional drawing tools not just crayons. To save that problem he got a job. He was a newspaper boy. He kept that job for a while. Then he finally had enough money, for his family and him. As you can see, Walt Disney was born as a wonderful child.

Walt Disney did many things for the Community and he had many accomplishments. He accomplished many things, like making movies. Making cartoons. Building all of the Disney worlds. He also had 950 awards from every nation in the world. Also, 48 academy awards. Lastly, making the lucky rabbit, and don't forget the seven dwarves too. Walt Disney helped people. He always made them happy. Things that he did for the Community is that he built all of the Disneys, dreamed of places that people can enjoy themselves, made their dreams become realty, created magic things, and had a vision about the world that no one else had.

Walt had many challenges. One was that no one believed him. Which was really sad for them because he did it!!!! Also, he had to work at young age. Also, he had to build Disney world when all it was in the first place was a swamp. He was rejected by the military. Having the lucky rabbit get stolen from him, having a poor family, having lung cancer from smoking and he could not do any of his work in the hospital. As you can see Walt had many challenges.

Walt had many awards. I am just going to name a couple. One is that he got the most academy awards. And he got 195!!!!!! He got the academy awards for making colored movies. And for making cartoon characters. Also, some of those cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse. And don't forget Snow White. As you can see Walt had many awards in his life.

Walt Disney has many character traits. He had perseverance, he was flexible, and patient. He had perseverance. He is because, he tried hard to make cartoons and because he tried to make a swamp in to Disney World. He is flexible. He is because, he changed in to the cartoon business into the movie business and left all of his work and money there. Last but not least, he is patient. He is because, he waited a long time for Disney world and because he waited and waited for people to believe in him. As you can see Walt has many character traits.

You can learn a lot from Walt Disney. You can learn that you have to try hard for things, believe in yourself, even if you don't do it the first time you will get it someday if you keep trying. Never give up, trust yourself, and you can do anything. I learned that even if no one likes you or no one believes in you, you try, and try and show them that you can. Last but not least Walt Disney is a businessman. He is a business man because he helped out the community and had successes in business. And you might feel the same way. As you can see my hero is amazing, kind, and cool.

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