Walt Disney

by Ryan C

My Hero: Creative, inspiring, remarkable, and determined are all words to describe this one amazing person.. Walt Disney. Walt Disney was born on December 15, 1901. Walt had a dream to be a cartoonist and he loved to draw. He even painted the side of his house with tar! He was just an ordinary kid who sold newspapers, popcorn, and sodas on the railroad. But this hero went on to become a great, inspiring person in American history. His birthplace was in Chicago, Illinois. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 because of lung cancer in the hospital.

Major Accomplishments: Walt Disney had many major accomplishments in his life. His film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was nominated for an Academy Award. Snow White made 8 million dollars in less than a year! He also made a TV show called The Wonderful World of Disney which made millions and millions of dollars. Walt Disney also won 26 Academy Awards in a very short time. Eventually Walt when on to build Disneyland which he accomplished building in 1955. He even built the 5th most visited attraction! Disneyland collected over 200 different awards! Walt made Mickey Mouse in 1928 and then included him in the park. Walt even used his own voice for Mickey Mouse! Sadly, Walt bought the land for Disney World but he never got to see it built. But luckily, his brother built it for him! Now Walt Disney has his own statue in Disneyland. Some of the obstacles Walt had to overcome were that his family was very poor and Walt loved to draw but never had anything to draw with. So, eventually his Aunt got him coloring markers for his birthday. Walt dropped out of school early to join the army. When Walt was older, he made a show called Laugh-O-Grams but the show went bankrupt. When he made Pinocchio, it was during World War Two and everyone was really depressed because of family members in the war so that they didn't earn very much money. Some of the movies Walt created are Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, and Song of the South.

Traits That Make Him A Hero: I think that Walt Disney had a lot of determination because he was determined to follow his dreams and make the best of his life by drawing with anything or even everything he could. I also think Walt had a lot of gallantry because he had courage about making things that might have been weird to the world but he knew they were great and they turned out fantastic! Walt Disney was also selfless because he knew what people wanted so he took that and it into movies, drawings, or characters and they turning into great and creative things.

Walt Disney standing with Mickey Mouse in Disney. (Google ())
Walt Disney standing with Mickey Mouse in Disney. (Google ())

Why He Is Important To Me: Walt Disney is a hero to me because he inspired me by following his dreams and one day they came true. He was also very poor at the start of his life and then he went on to become a legend. Walt had a lot of determination and he worked and worked for his dreams and eventually, he got there. So that teaches me that if I want to grow up and be a famous dancer, I have to work for it because one day, it might just eventually happen. All I need is to work hard and follow my dreams and I can achieve it.

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