Walt Disney

by Nina from Roseville


I love Disneyland and everything it has to offer, including the man who created it, Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a great man. He was generous to everyone he knew or met, kind, very caring, extremely creative, smart, and on top of all that, he was motivated.

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, as Walter Elias Disney and died December 15, 1966. He lived on a farm when he grew up in Marceline, Missouri and even as a child, has a passion for drawing things. He loved it so much that at age seven, Walt Disney drew pictures and sold them to his neighbors because they thought they were extremely good. Walt also loved photography. That is why he attended the Academy of Fine Arts at night. Then in 1920, Walt decided to pursue his talent and passion for drawing by marketing his drawings. This is what started his career.


In 1923, Walt went to Hollywood to find opportunity. Walt's brother was also there and together they made short cartoon films together that became instantly popular. Then one day the got a request to make a featurette called "Alice Comedies" and everyone loved it, which only made people want more from the Disney brothers. So in 1928 Walt made a new character still widely known named Mickey Mouse. Walt started using Mickey in many of his short films and Mickey was a hit. Walt Disney's popularity got so big, he opened the very well-known theme park Disneyland. The popularity of Disneyland still continues today and is spreading because now there are Disneylands in not just California, but in places like Tokyo and Florida. Even though Walt Disney is sadly no longer with us anymore, he will be remembered as a very remarkable man and if he could see what we have done today, I know he would be proud.

Walt Disney's actions have inspired me to never give up on my dreams. He never gave up his dreams and he opened the world's most popular theme park! This has inspired me to pursue what I love, sports. Even though sports and business are two completely different things, you need passion to be able to excel in either of them.


Like I said in my introduction, Walt Disney is a great man for numerous reasons, and he was motivated enough to make a very popular mouse cartoon and an extremely popular theme park that my family and I go to every year. He motivates me to never give up with sports even though it's much different than business. But the thing that is the same is that you meed motivation to be great at it.

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