Walt Disney

by Evan from San Diego

Disney is a name known across the world, but the heroism of the man behind it, Walt Disney himself, is less known. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. In his early years Disney went to the Chicago Institute of Art at night while attending McKinley High school in the day. He later, in the early 1920's found his missing match, Lillian Bound in his first cartoon-film studio. They were married on Jul 13, 1925. They were married for their entire life and had two daughters. Disney performed many great feats throughout his lifetime and for this should be considered a hero. Walt Disney was a great man who was not only dedicated but also enthusiastic about his work of selflessly bringing joy to others. ( ()) ( ())

Walt Disney selflessly struggled through his work not for the benefits that he gained, but for the entertainment and joy of others. One of Disney's co-workers conveys this message when he says, "When his goal was to bring please to people, he tried to entertain, amuse, and put smiles on the faces of his consumers, unlike many who propagandize" (DiMeglio). Disney worked not for the money or pleasures that money brings, but for the pleasures of others. These to him were greater to see than any form of currency. He used no form of lying or exaggeration in his works, but showed only its true goal, to create happiness throughout the world. Probably his most known work was when, "the famous Disneyland was opened by Walt Disney himself on July 18, 1957. It was a enormous amusement park where his ideas came to life. It became the most successful amusement park in the world with 6.7 million people visiting by only 1966. The light bulb turned on when Disney was at another amusement park with his kids, watching them have fun on the different rides. He chose to make his own park where his he, his wife, and his kids could all enjoy it together" (Walter Elias Disney). This truly shows how selfless Disney was for he had more money than he could ever need but instead of keeping it for himself, he spent all of it for others. He wanted Disneyland to be a perfect place of joy where anyone could come to enjoy themselves and forget the struggles of the real world. His goal was to help anyone and everyone with the perfect place. In addition to happiness Disney knew education was equally important and sought to brighten the minds of the future by "opening his own university, the California Institute of the Arts. He wanted this to be the perfect education for students interested in arts. It was to be a place where all people could cooperate, dream, develop, and produce the blend of arts required in the years to come"(Walter Elias Disney). Disney's goal was to educate the minds of the future generation so that people's dreams and ideas could become a reality like his had. He wanted only to help others and because of his success, he had the resources and compassion to do so. Disney clearly sought to utilize his knowledge and skills to benefit and please others rather than himself.

Walt Disney not only acted selflessly, but was extremely dedicated to his work and career. This is proven as, "One of Disney's famous quotes was when he stated that if he could assist the talent of the future, it would have been a valuable accomplishment" (Gale Group). He was unmistakably devoted to making his company the best it could possibly be. He wanted and strived to create the perfect company with perfect products. Although Disney was already incredibly prosperous, he sought to become even more flourishing as shown when, "Disney put in even more money to create better films. His technological determination to be the best as well as his talents unlike any other as story editor aided his firm in quickly rocketing to the top of the economic ladder" (Walter Elias Disney). Disney's intense determination to his work is one of the biggest causes of his success. Many of those who watched Disney work said that "Disney held an uncommon talent for storytelling along with a great understanding of the emotions and dreams of popular viewers. As well as that Disney also had an obsessive concern for perfection, obsessive work habits, and ideals of hard work and imagination being the key to everything" (Richardson). Disney was obviously incredibly hard-working and constantly trying to be the best. He thought that if you are determined and try hard you can solve any problem and get past any obstacle. Disney was visibly dedicated to his animations and works and never stopped giving one hundred and ten percent.

Disney obviously enjoyed his job as an animator and film maker and was unmistakably enthusiastic about his work and all aspects of it. Although Disney had humble beginnings he determined to become the best, and because of this, he did. Disney had enough enthusiasm in his work that he had a surplus for others as proven when "Disney's co-workers constantly acknowledged how he at times was difficult, yet he had the amazing ability to spread his enthusiasm and reveal peoples formerly hidden talents" (Richardson). Disney clearly loved his work and was happy enough about it to help others with it as well. He thoroughly enjoyed his work and did it because he loved his job. Disney's enthusiasm began early as "Even when Disney was a child he went and spent his free time outside and began to love nature as well as already starting to love and enjoy drawing very much" (Richardson). This shows that Disney was enthusiastic about his drawings and nature which many of his films were based in. He clearly enjoyed his job and the joys that came with it. Some say that Disney, "In his work he and amused himself almost like he were giving himself the childhood he had wanted, while simultaneously entertaining the public" (DiMeglio). Disney obviously enjoyed creating films as much as those who watched them. He was as entertained and enthusiastic around his work as much as any other fan of Disney. Disney's work was not just another part of life for him but a joyful hobby that he was incredibly enthusiastic towards.

Disney, in the eyes of many, was a great hero of his generation due to his intense dedication, selflessness, and enthusiasm. He brought joy to those who needed it most and not because he had to, but because he wanted to. His dreams were to make a perfect world with the perfect communities and because of him; we have taken a step towards making that dream a reality. Walt Disney possessed dedication, selflessness, and enthusiasm like no other that helped him change the world forever.

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