Walt Disney

by Trine from Elgin

Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse ( (Rafa?l Rozendaal - Official Website))
Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse ( (Rafa?l Rozendaal - Official Website))

Mickey Mouse might be a hero to a lot of people, but it is the man behind the mouse that should get the credit. Walt Elias Disney was an entrepreneur, film director, animator, but most of all a man that could dream and imagine. He created the world's best known picture animation company, The Walt Disney Company, but also influenced the minds of so many people. His movies, theme parks, and resorts are a getaway for millions of people every year. Disney promotes the quote that "dreams do come true."

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. In his teenage years he became a cartoon artist and worked for different types of film companies. His first attempt at a film studio was named Laugh-O-Gram Studio, but Walt decided to move his studio to the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, California, where he would draw the world famous Mickey Mouse and open a new studio called the Disney Brothers' Studio. Mickey's first short movie was called Plane Crazy, but that was not popular because it was a silent movie. When Steamboat Willie was realized, Walt's new character was an instant success. Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie, and all other films featuring Mickey were provided with a soundtrack. Walt Disney's masterpieces allowed him to win 22 Academy Awards and to create places were dreams come true.

Disney's films and attractions are popular for people that are young and old. I believe that his works promote dreaming and that anything you set your mind to is possible. Little girls dream of being Disney Princesses and little boys can be just as silly as Goofy. The Disney Parks even make the Disney films a reality. Cinderella's Castle, The Tree of Life, and all the other Disney related attractions make you relive the movie you might have watched. Even just being in Disney California Adventure or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida make your vacation feel like a big Disney movie. I can't be the only one when I say that I dream about being in movies that I've watched.

Walt Disney proves that dreams come true. Everyone has their own dreams, but Walt proves that even movies can become reality. I want my dreams to come true. I'd like to become an entrepreneur like Walt Disney was. Also, Walt Disney inspired the minds the minds of people of every age. I don't believe that just anyone could do that. His drawing of a mouse sparked into the lives of so many other fictional characters and movies. How can something small like a mouse turn into something so big? It all starts with a dream. I'm only a small person in this world, but I can make a difference.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." (Walt Disney) Everyone's dreams can come true. Dreams can be our goals in life, not just those silly images that flow through our minds as we sleep. I have my dreams and you have yours, but now stop and think. Are you on your way to your dreams? Or is your dream entirely different from what you are pursuing now? Walt Disney might not have been a firefighter or a scientist, but he was a man that influenced the lives of so many people. He is a hero for proving that dreams do come true and inspires me to go and do just that.

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