Walt Disney

by Brady

Walt Disney is a hero because he had helped people through his life with education while he helped create The California Institute of Arts. Disney said that education was the most important thing you can have in life. He said that to become a successful artist you need to use your imagination to create something beautiful.

In 1955 Walt Disneyland opened and world and it was extremely hot! When it opened Walt said that he wanted people to think they were in a different world and have a great time. Disneyland helped kids create an imagination and help them have a fun time at the park. With a lot of hard work Disney became very successful. Disneyland also helped parents because they always knew that their child was safe there and the rides would never break down because people would always be watching and the rides were very safe to go on.

Walt Disney desperately wanted to make a Disney World, so after he died in 1966 they made a Walt Disney World. Opening day was on October 1st 1971, and all the Disney characters said that they wanted people to have a great time and forget about all the bad times and have a good time. Disney used to treat his employees with respect and that is why I think he is successful.

Disney died in December 5th 1966. Everyone was upset, but they were proud of all the work Disney had done to make people happy! Those are the reasons why I think Walt Disney is heroic.

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