William Henry Gates III

by Michael from San Diego

Bill In Nigeria helping little kids. (
Bill In Nigeria helping little kids. (

When people hear the name Bill Gates, they associate it with wealth and power. However, they don’t see that side that isn’t portrayed by the media. For example, while most people know that Mr. Gates is a generous donator, they forget that he gave up time at Microsoft to make sure his charity is doing the most it can to help people in need. Ever since Mr. Gates was young he had a “thing” for computers and helping people. He built programs to help his school, and couldn’t be stopped when he was faced with any obstacle. People say the money can corrupt the strongest of men, however, Bill Gates, the richest man on earth, proved that assumption wrong. Bill Gates’ determination and selflessness makes him my hero.

Bill Gates was born in 1955. His father is a lawyer, and his mother a United Way member. Bill Gates grew up with his parents pushing him to succeed. Mr. Gates excelled in school and was a great public speaker, but he was a social outcast. He became good friends with a computer whiz, Paul Allen, and the two of them worked on projects together. In 1973 he attended Harvard, and two years later he dropped out. Mr. Gate’s big break came in 1980, when IBM wanted his help in Project Chess. In 1982 he became chairman of Microsoft, and in 1992 he got married. Currently, Bill Gates is happily married with two kids, unemployed.

Bill Gates is determined, and he accomplishes whatever he sets off to do. He shows his unrelenting determination even as a child: “He crawled through trashcans to retrieve old programmer’s notes,” (Woopido biography). This quote shows that even when Mr. Gates was young he pursued his dreams. A smelly, bacteria-ridden trashcan was just another obstacle he would leap over. It’s this kind of determination that makes him a hero. When Mr. Gates had a dream, no matter how unrealistic, no matter how close, he wouldn’t stop until he finished. “By late 1996 90% all PC’s have Microsoft, but Bill still wanted 100%,” (Morin Paula M). In addition to this burden Bill put upon himself, in 1, 13, 2000 Gates had to hand off day to day management, but he still sat as chairman to fulfill his dream. When you run a race it doesn’t matter if you sprint or walk the first half. All that matters is how you finish. Mr. Gates shows that he is unfaltering because at 90% he is still unsatisfied. He wants to finish at 100%, and even when he is forced off day-to-day management. He stays to finish the job. Mr. Gates is a hero because even with a handicap he doesn’t complain. He finishes as strong and as close as he can. Bill Gates is a kind of person who lets nothing get in his way. He is determined to finish, even when faced with a dirty obstacle. This trait makes Mr. Gates a hero. However, this is not his only heroic trait.

Not only is Mr. Gates determined, he is also selfless. Bill Gates’ philanthropist and caring actions make him a worthy candidate for a hero. Mr. Gates shows care and compassion to those less fortunate. “Bill Gates sacrifices over a couple million a year and started the Bill and Melinda Gates donation foundation,” (Shaw Susan). Bill Gates is a major philanthropist. He sacrifices time and money to help children in Africa, cancer stricken victims, and many other unfortunate souls. In 2007, Mr. Gates reduced his role in Microsoft to spend more time with his charities. Over the course of time, we believe that people who sacrifice themselves for other are heroes. Bill Gates not only sacrifices money, but he also sacrifices time and his work hours to dedicate himself to help people in need. His caring and kind nature that is usually not portrayed in the media is another reason he is my hero. Bill Gates is not only caring, but also understanding. “Not corrupted by his executive position, Bill retains his knowledge of an average computer whiz. He relaxes office dress code and such to make the office environment more inviting,” (Morin Paula M.). Mr. Gates shows that even though he holds a lot of power in his hand he is relaxed on office protocol and is an understanding person. Instead of trying to enforce his executive position he tries to understand and make the work place a better place for everyone. By trying to understand people he shows that he really does care. He’s there as the boss but he cares about the people who work for him. Bill Gates is understanding, and caring. He not only is a great philanthropist, but he is also a great boss and puts other peoples needs as high if not greater than his own. For that he should defiantly be considered a hero.

Bill spending time with his kid (
Bill spending time with his kid (

Bill Gates is the richest man on earth as well as one of the nicest. He is a great philanthropist and a flexible boss. I admire Mr. Gates for his determination, success, and good character. Mr. Gates shows determination by letting nothing stop him. I admire Bill because, for being raised in a relatively rich family you have to understand he would be partially spoiled. He probably wouldn’t have to throw away the garbage let alone sift through it. However, even though that was such a disturbing foreign concept to him, he didn’t let it stop him. He sucked it up and dug through the garbage anyways. Bill Gates shows that he doesn’t just throw money at random organizations to please the public. He shows he really cares when he gives up time with his business to spend more time with his charity and family: “In 2000 Bill reduced his role at Microsoft to devote time to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,” (Shaw Susan). Time is money, and for Mr. Gates time is a lot of money. By taking time off of his work and maybe even his family he shows that he isn’t donating to please the public. He’s doing it because he cares about other people. Mr. Gates is the man who can jump the tallest or smelliest obstacle, but will stop for another man in need. He is determined, selfless, and caring. Bill Gates is my hero!

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