William Henry Gates III

by Krish from Fremont

Photo of Bill Gates (Photo from
Photo of Bill Gates (Photo from

My hero is Bill Gates. His real name is William Henry Gates III and he is the chairman of Microsoft Corporation, a software company.

He is also considered to be the greatest philanthropist in the world. In July 2008 he began a full-time career in philanthropy, but would remain as chairman. Gates and his wife founded the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This foundation’s sole purpose was philanthropy.

Microsoft’s main piece of software is the Windows operating system. The most recent version of Windows is Windows Vista. Windows is currently the most used operating system in the world.

Microsoft also does well in gaming. Microsoft made the Xbox and the Xbox 360. Microsoft also owns Ensemble Studios, the company that makes most of Microsoft’s games for the computer.

The reason Bill Gates is my hero is not only because he founded the biggest software company in the world, but also because he has devoted his life to philanthropy. This is why Bill Gates is my hero.

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