William Henry Gates III

by David from San Diego

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.  (
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. (

A young boy the city of Seattle, Washington, destined to become a globally recognized leader. The growing adult left college to pursue his dreams of founding a company along with his friend, Paul Allen, and became one of the most well-known men in the world. Born on October 28, 1995, Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and has dedicated his time to the benefit of all. Along with his wife, he travels the world and allocates his time to the support of people in need. Gates is generous, a well-known leader of new technology, and his dedication to the causes he supports which result in Gates to be an inspirational idol for many.

The generosity of Bill Gates has allowed millions of lives to be saved through the collaboration of Gates and several other groups, all dedicated to their causes. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill helps create solutions to the diseases plaguing our world, such as HIV: "More than US$2.5 billion in HIV grants to organizations around the world." (Bill & Melinda). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded by Bill Gates, dedicating the majority of their time to help civilians in need and fighting of diseases. Gates devotes an extensive portion of his fortune other funds to research and develop cures to the viruses constantly hindering the development of children and adults. For several years, Gates has continued to spend his time to sponsor the fight against HIV. Eventually, through his generosity, considerable impacts improving the lives of suffering individuals in need are made. These thirty-three million people infected with the dreadful HIV, now have new hope that eventually the virus could be eradicated. However, Gates is not limited with finding cures for diseases, but he also provides help for teachers to help sharpen their skills: "Well, to find out, our foundation has been working with 3,000 teachers in districts across the country on a project called Measures of Effective Teaching" (Gates Bill). Bill Gates offers programs to increase their ability to teach effectively and provide the chance for teachers to improve their weaknesses. He gives the opportunity to create a room of education available to help elevate the ability of children and develop their abilities to a higher potential. With this, teachers across America could change to understand how they could communicate with children effectively to receive outstanding results. Furthermore, as more research and commitment is located into this program, America as a whole could improve their academic standings compared to the world. Gates funded this program to help teachers have new visions to teaching and spends the wealth that he has in order for this program to flourish. Education is a part of life that Gates strongly supports and is constantly attempting new methods to improve education in every possible aspect. The generosity of Gates is spent globally and is used for the progress of humans.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation saving lives. (
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation saving lives. (

Not only is Gates a well-known donor to several causes around the world, but he is most known for as the man who made Microsoft, a leader in technological advances in both software and medicine. He has created software no other company can match and with the advice of those around him, ranging from customers to fellow workers, he and Microsoft are able to develop one of the most used software known to mankind: "Microsoft's Excel program claiming 73 percent of the $756 million Windows spreadsheet market by the late 1990s." (Bill Gates Newsmakers) Microsoft has created software people use on a daily basis regularly. However the reason making Microsoft most used is due to Gates constantly improving his software to the benefit of the people. He dedicates his time to listen to his customers and learn from his mistakes, and from his mistakes he is able to improve his creation and release it to the benefit of others. Bill Gates is not only focused on his own company, he supports developing companies with passionate ideas that could become possible. He helps fund the companies and over time help them create new opportunities that weren't available to them before. Gates does not only fund companies to create software, he also funds scientists to research cures that can reduce the high rate of dangerous diseases that result in several million deaths each year: committed nearly US$2 billion in malaria grants." (Bill & Melinda). Malaria is an intermittent and remitted fever caused by a protozoan parasite that invades the red blood cells. In 2010, more than two hundred million people suffered from Malaria. Gates is trying to improve the lives of others who are not as fortunate as many other citizens of the world. Through Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other groups, research is able to increase and the people are able to live a longer and more prosperous life. Since the last decade, malaria has been reduced by 50% in one-third of the countries where the disease is endemic. Gates has allied himself with groups such as UNICEF and UNF (United Nations Foundation) to help reduce damaging diseases such as Malaria, and over time the risk and damage caused will be reduced. Bill Gates has led many advances in this world and is creating possibilities unable to be sought for before.

Partnered with FC Barcelona to fight against polio (
Partnered with FC Barcelona to fight against polio (

Possibilities are limitless for Gates due to not only his immense fortune, but also his dedication. Gates' dedication to what he does and is not willing to let go of what he tries for: "In 1975, Gates left Harvard University in his junior year" (Bill & Melinda). Bill Gates dropped out of college and had only an idea. He took the risk to create something grand for the people without much money or support. Gates dedicated his time and through passion and perseverance he is able to venture into the world of technology with his friend, Paul Allen, and introduced a legendary product to the world. Not many would listen to a couple of college dropouts but their dedication has leaded them to overcome the challenge display their potential. Together they strove for goals of improving the people's lives through technology and with dedication to causes they support several of the world's problems. Gates is not afraid to strive for the impossible: "$21 billion for philanthropic causes" (Bill Gates Encyclopedia). Pneumonia, a virus claiming 1.3 million lives of children in 2011, has been a major focus of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Partnered with GAVI Alliance, they spread vaccines that could save over 2.9 million children infected with pneumonia and another 52 million possibilities of pneumonia. Furthermore, with the funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to researchers, more effective measures taken against pneumonia are possible. However, vaccines are not the only solution to pneumonia. The foundation has allocated more resources to the increased availability of private and public healthcare offered in regions of need.

Gates is passionate to what he does and strives for goals that others had feared to venture into. Time and failure daunts others while it only pushes Gates to reach the impossible. Bill Gates is an iconic figure within our history. He continuously dedicates his time to the development of new technologies and to portray his generosity through kind donations and improvements of everyday life. Gates is not afraid to venture into the depths of the unknown worlds of disease, but rather use them to declare reasons to prevent them. Gates, undaunted by the perilous risks when taking chances, is willing to gamble for success. As a drop out of college, Gates and Paul had gambled on their chance of creating a successful company, which proved to be worthwhile. Later, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates spends the majority of his time to help fund and research cures for problems that arise globally, whether it be diseases such as HIV or to aid teachers in need. The young boy from Seattle, Washington has shown the world that he is dedicated to his dreams and is never afraid of a challenge.

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