William Henry "Bill" Gates III

by Dylan from Auburn

Bill Gates is a smart and generous man. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Microsoft, the world's largest software business, along with his partner, Paul Allen. He lives on Lake Washington and was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. When he was young he thought he was going to have a career as a lawyer. In college he found he was spending more time at the computer lab than in class. Then he decided to get a career in computer science.

Bill Gates's most famous quote. ( From
Bill Gates's most famous quote. ( From

Bill Gates wanted to develop better software programming because he wanted to bring personal computers to the world. However other companies were in the way. Still he showed perseverance by using innovation, business strategy, and aggressive business tactics. Also he is giving much of his money to world health, education, and low income communities through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was formed by putting together other foundations. The foundation was established in 2000. His goal was to help 20,000 young people go to college.

Bill Gates's Rolling Stone interveiw (From Business magnate)
Bill Gates's Rolling Stone interveiw (From Business magnate)

Bill Gates had a profound effect on the computer industry. Because of the creation of Microsoft he has changed computers forever. Also he will be known for his generosity. I am inspired to find my passion, work hard, achieve my goals, and give to those in need.

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