Teachers Heroes

Whitney Evered Gustafson

by Haley Carlson from Greeley

It was a terrifying day. It was my first day of dance class. I had no friends and no experience with dance. Luckily my hero was there.

My hero is Whitney Evered Gustafson. She was born on March 4th. Whitney feels so blessed for her family. She has a son named Noah, and a husband named Matthew. Mrs. Whitney is now pregnant with another boy.

When Whitney was in her twenties she joined the Bronco cheerleading career. She was in that career for a couple years. Once she ended that career she still wanted to dance or cheer. Whitney had decided to join Center Stage Stars Theater and dance company.

About a year ago, I moved houses and dance studios. Even though I did, she still cares about me just as much as I care about her.

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