Whitney Houston

by Gladiana from Lawrence

 Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born August 9,1963 in Newark, New Jersey in Beth Israel hospital. She had a daughter named Bobbi Kristina Brown and her adopted son Nick Gordon, her ex-husband Bobbi Brown her mother was Cissy Houston and her father was John Houston he is now deceased from diabetes and heart failure. Whitney Houston's brothers were Michael Houston, Gary Garland and John Russell, last but not least her step sister Alana Houston.

Some accomplishments that Whitney went through were the movie "The Bodyguard"  which was in 1992, which was also the year her only child was born Bobbi Kristina Brown. Later on she adopted her son Nick Gordon. In 2008 her famous song "I will always love you". Whitney went through some really hard things like drug addiction  and abuse from her ex-husband Bobbi Brown when he was her husband but she wanted to change her life, then she went to rehab so she could be there for her daughter.

The major things that Whitney did was her television show being Bobbi Brown it talked about her life married to Bobbi Brown and how they tried to stop with their drug addiction. She was the most awarded person in all time. She was in the Guinness world record book and the greatest one was she won 415 career awards. Whitney Houston had a great life and a good voice. Whitney Houston demonstrated heroism when helped homeless people and others that had Aids and other sicknesses. She donated money to Harlem and Children's Defense Fund.

Whitney Houston's behavior reflected characteristics where she had strength because she tried very hard to stop with drug addiction so she could be healthy for her daughter. She was also brave because she didn't want to do the movie The Bodyguard because she didn't think that she was good enough for the role but she went for it and it was the best movie she ever did. Unfortunately she died on February 11, 2012. Her funeral was held at Westfield, New Jersey. Tthe date of her funeral was Feb.18, 2012.

Whitney Houston was the greatest singer of all time. Her music makes people dance and move. It was a shame that she had to pass for people to notice what they had lost but Whitney Houston will never be forgotten.

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