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Wynette Jameson

by Carolina from New York

I just saw the post on myhero about MrsJ. I was so excited to finally see something. I googled her not too long ago and saw her listed by Kathy Eldon as a hero of hers and other really awesome things but was so disappointed not to see “Tales of Teaching” about her. We had so much fun and I know so many kids who have such great stories. Reunions would not be the same without the HiLife family having a get together.

I want to post my own tales that I had the good fortune of hearing or being involved in. I love the story about how they were doing anti-prejudice posters and posting them around the school. Someone told MrsJ that it might upset the teachers to see certain words on the posters. She said good, it is supposed to upset people and make them aware that words hurt.”

That same year a boy in my class said that the girl next to him called him and the girl names. She made the girl apologize. Another boy in the same class heard all this and went to his next period class. When someone in that class said, “That’s so gay.” He said to the boy, “Stop that. That word is not meant to be used like that and you could hurt someone’s feelings.” The next day another student told MrsJ about it and she was so surprised and excited that this student had been listening.

There was a gang girl who had been “jumped in” to a gang and was all beat up. We embraced her and eventually helped her get out but she had to move away. She sent MrsJ a photo of her baby that we had in the room.

One year we had a senior boy who was very poor. She made sure that he got announcements, a tux, a ring, a yearbook , a prom ticket, a cap and gown and other really expensive things you have to have your senior year, donated to him.

She went to one boy’s father’s funeral and made sure the rest of the HiLife family showed up in support. It was sad but so warm that we all felt better for it.

Lunch money, library fines and so many more forgotten dollars and cents came out of her pocket. I am surprised she could still have enough for her family.

She was all about family being bigger than just those who shared blood. She showed us how to care, to give and to use our writing skills to expose the plight of those in need.

She loves her son and grandkids so much and their pictures are everywhere. All I know is that I am thankful I am a member of J’s HiLife family. Thanks Mrs.J

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I found my hero here and had to add some more stories. If only we all would take the time to write, there would be no space left on the page. Love of my fellow man and love for myself came from a high school teacher in Texas.