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William Kamkwamba

by Reed from Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Quote: "I try and I made it!" Introduction: My hero's name is William Kamkwamba. I chose this hero because I like what he did to people. He seems to enjoy helping other people

Biographical Information: Kamkwamba's birthday is August 5th, 1987. He was born in Dowa, Malawi. He went to elementary school, secondary school, and is currently in college.

Influences and Obstacles: He read a book about using wind for energy. Kamkwamba has very good determination. He was also influenced from the people around the world (encouraging him). There was also a very important person to him, Doctor Hartford Mchazime. Some obstacles are the lack of the useful resources in his country (Malawi).

Hero's actions and achievements: Kamkwamba was awarded the 'Go Ingenuity' award, has been talked about in books, written a book, got to go on T.V (talk shows), and even in a movie! Your hero's character traits and examples: His character traits are determination, confidence, and thought-fullness. I say he's determined because he just wants to help the poor. I say he's confident because he knows he can help others. Finally, thoughtful because he built windmills for others on his free time. How does you hero influence you?: He influences me to do well, just like he did. Also, to help others when the need assistance, and also be nice to people.

Conclusion: In the end, William Kamkwamba is very successful in what he is doing, and wants to make his own windmills company after his schooling! Bibliography: '', 'Wikipedia', '', '', and also the ''

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