William (Bill) Klein

by Ryan from Hastings

A person who I greatly admire is my dad, William Benno Klein. He was born in Red Wing, Minnesota, to Phyllis and Lawrence Klein. He has two brothers and two sisters, and all of their names start with the letter "B". He grew up right here in Hastings, Minnesota.

Bill went to Guardian Angels Catholic School for elementary school, Hastings High School, and Hamline University for college. He graduated from Hamline in 1988. A baseball and basketball coach and insurance agent for Farmers Insurance have pretty much been most of his jobs, but he has worked in many different kinds of insurance.

In his free time, my dad plays golf and collects baseball cards. Before I was born, he played on a softball team. Two struggles he has experienced in his life was when he had cancer and when his dad died when my dad was twenty years old. His favorite quote is, "I could not disagree any more with your opinion, but I will try till my dying breath for your right to express it."

I chose my dad because I look up to him and want to be like him in many ways. What makes him a hero to me is that he is hardworking, determined, funny, intelligent, and supportive. This is why Bill Klein is a hero to me.

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