Teachers Heroes

Wes Meserve

by Terrell from Lewisport

This is a story about a hero. My hero is my teacher/helper Mr. Meserve. To me a hero means a person that dedicates his life to help others. How Mr. Messerve fits that definition is he uses up his entire life to help people like myself that need help with their education. He helps the people who are not like the others that have what you say special help.

He's patient and helping a student reach his goal (in email (Mr.Meserve))
He's patient and helping a student reach his goal (in email (Mr.Meserve))

One reason I find him as my hero is that he is patient. I'll admit it we aren't the best people in the world. For him to put up with our behavior and our energy. That shows how patient the person can be. That's a reason I admire him and how I see him as my hero.

There are other reasons for him being my hero. He spends his time where he could be finishing his own work. But he helps us understand things/problems better. He shows more patience and he shows that by taking his time and helping us with our problems. That's another quality that I see him as my hero.

The final quality I see him as my hero is because he is supportive. We think we won't get it but he shows that we can. He shows us that we can get it done. He lets us know that anything can be done as long as we can pick up a pencil. That was the final quality I can see him as my hero.

Mr. Meserve is my hero. He is the kind you can look up to. He's the one that will take his time and help you understand things better. He is patient while he's doing it. While he supports you he is one of a million but one that can stand alone to change our world and I look up to him and I dream to be like him one day.

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