Community Heroes

William Rodrigo Moncada

by Pedro from Medellin

I chose William Rodrigo Moncada because he is a firefighter and to me a firefighter is a hero because he saves lives. He has been a firefighter for 25 years. He has worked all his life in Medellin Fire Brigade in Colombia. His missions are: to put out fires, deal with auto accidents, to save people from floods and vehicular rescues. He said "our purpose is to help humanity".

Before being a firefighter William had worked in a family business, a coffee farm and in painting too. Also before being a firefighter he had to do a 3 month preparation in physics and he said "During that work, we learned new things too". They have training everyday, for example in fires, rescues, first aid and fire theory. They have 12 hours of work and 24 for rest in the daytime but before their time to work was 24 hours and also their time to rest was 24 hours. "I want to finish my workdays being a firefighter".

He said "I have saved a lot of people. They are countless". He has also saved animals. When I asked him why are you a firefighter, he said, "When I was a kid I wanted to be a firefighter and I had the opportunity". He works in one of the most important brigades of the zone. Like I said before in the one of Medellín Colombia. William Rodrigo is very nice and he is very helpful to the community and the city and the people too.

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