Wilma Rudolph

by Jordyn from Hillsborough

My hero is Wilma Rudolph. She is determined no matter what people said or did. She is always being courageous despite the hard times she has gone through in her whole life. She is caring and unselfish by helping the community. Wilma Rudolph is my role model and my light to my future!

Wilma Rudolph is my hero because she was very determined. Wilma was born with polio, scarlet fever, and double pneumonia (Barton, W). She was the twentieth out of twenty-two children (Barton, W). She was so determined to be able to walk that she became an Olympic runner! Wilma overcame her illnesses and her “bad leg” to fulfill her dreams. Thus, no matter what people said to her, Wilma never stopped believing in herself or in the world. Wilma Rudolph was very determined and even through the hard times she had to stand up for herself and be courageous.

Wilma Rudolph is my hero because she is courageous even through her hard times in her early life. Wilma was a very unhealthy baby and yet she fought through her sicknesses and never let that stop her from accomplishing her goals throughout her life. Wilma was able to walk by age nine with no assistance (Barton, W). Wilma went to the Olympics in high school (Barton, W). Wilma did not do as well as she planned in the Olympics but when she was invited again she set the world record for the 200 dash and much more awards for her events (Barton, W). Wilma was always very courageous in the fact that she was ridiculed and was talked about, racially, and yet she still did what she loved to do. Wilma was a very courageous person even when things seemed impossible and she was still very kind and caring to others.

Wilma is my hero because she is a caring and unselfish. Wilma established the Wilma Rudolph Foundation which gives schools information about American Heroes (Barton, W). She cares about children and their education. She is not a selfish person and gave to the community. Wilma built and ran a community center (Barton, W). She participated in the sit-ins at white only restaurants. Wilma Rudolph is a kind and caring person who gave to the community.

Wilma Rudolph is my hero. She is my inspiration. Wilma was awarded many awards for outstanding talents such as the Sullivan, The Black sports hall of fame, The U.S. Track and field hall of fame and many more (Ouziel, W). Wilma is determined and strong-minded. She is courageous and brave. She is caring and unselfish. Wilma Rudolph is my hero and my inspiration through life.

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