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Picture of William Shakespeare ( (
Picture of William Shakespeare ( (

When you think of someone you look up to, who pops into your mind? LeBron James? Adele? Taylor Swift? I'm guessing an author from the 16th century didn't. Let's talk about a guy from way back named William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare wrote amazing novels and plays and he certainly had passion in what he did, or where would all these masterpieces be? But sadly, just because he didn't wield a sword or play a sport people seem to not see him as anything besides an author. But he still wrote amazing novels and plays and could really capture life in them. Now let's journey ahead to the life of William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare was born in April 1564, and since he came from a religious family he was baptized after his birth. Growing up, William Shakespeare had five brothers and sisters and got a formal education at Kings New School []. His obvious interests were writing and drama; this is easy to tell by his career later in life. William Shakespeare did not seem to have a bright future though because he was not born to a very rich family, and though he was bright he went to just a local school. [] But when he moved to London to pursue his career he became an author and actor. He became a part of Lord Chamberlain's Men (An popular stage company at the time) and he quickly became famous around London. Before that at age eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway and had three children, a girl and twins. William Shakespeare died at age fifty-two. It was suspected that he died the same day he was born. His birth date is unknown but it was suspected to be April 23, 1564. []

William at work ( (
William at work ( (

Don't think just because William Shakespeare didn't go out into the midst of battle means that he didn't have mountains to climb. When William Shakespeare went to school he had to work hard to get good grades and a good education. If Shakespeare didn't work hard we may not know his name today. He didn't just become a good writer out of the blue, he had to work and have passion for what he did. To be great you have to work hard and that is exactly what he had to do. William Shakespeare also was in Lord Chamberlain's Men and had he had to be good, and do amazing things to be in that group. But William Shakespeare didn't just have work problems and school problems, he also had family troubles. After his only son was born, Hamnet, he died after his birth. It would be terrible for anybody to go through that [] and it might have been a little bit of an inspiration for his sad stories.

One of his novels, Hamlet ( (
One of his novels, Hamlet ( (

If you look up William Shakespeare you are sure to find one of his novels. William Shakespeare has written some of the most widely known writings out there. But with the masterpiece there always comes a price. Work. Surely William Shakespeare couldn't be this famous without the passion, work, and talent. Some of William Shakespeare's most widely known writings are Macbeth and Hamlet, but his most famous is Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare was so famous for his writings because he captured human hardships and struggles into them. He showed how great someone can become and how joyous someone can feel, but also how it all can come crashing down like bricks. But that wasn't all, William Shakespeare wrote much more on top of that. William Shakespeare wrote plays, poetry, love stories, tragedies, and even comedies, like "All's Well That Ends Well". [] William Shakespeare's writings are still known all around the world and so is he.

William Shakespeare has heroic virtues, even if they aren't seen at first glance. These words have popped up all over and that's because they are true. William Shakespeare was hard working. He believed in what he did, and really worked for it. For his work to be this famous hard work had to pop up again and again. William Shakespeare may have been a personal hero, but if he wasn't he may not be what he is known for. And being a hero isn't always about helping everybody, it can also be about helping yourself get through your obstacles to get over your fears or break the barrier. William Shakespeare also wanted to inspire you, because authors don't write to entertain, they write to inspire us.[Mrs. Kolbet.] He wanted you to learn a lesson and that's why William Shakespeare is inspiring. He wanted you to work hard and learn from his stories. There is a quote by Shakespeare that reads, "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late." This quote shows how it's never too early, or it's better to get things done and advance than wait and be late.

William Shakespeare is inspiring whether he's on TV or not. He shows you what you could be if you kept on practicing and striving for something hard enough. William had true talent and he really is a hero. He had passion in what he did and stuck with it. He wanted to inspire and teach and worked hard to make something of himself. And if hard work, determination, and all the traits mentioned by Shakespeare doesn't make someone a hero then I don't know what does.

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