William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, one of the greatest of English writers in human history, fulfills my idea of being a hero because of his dedication and definition to literal arts using his unique ways of writing. William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564, and died on his birthday in 1616. After his marriage, he did not stay in the city where his family lived. Instead, he moved to London to continue working on his plays, which shows how committed he was to his work. He is a English playwright, poet, and actor. He is known for his extraordinary plays such as  A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and King John. He married Anne Hathaway and had two daughters and one son. After marrying, Shakespeare moved to London to work in a theater. To be called a hero, one must be dedicated to make the world better and inspire the next generation to do so. William Shakespeare is heroic because his dedication to literature, that has added a spark to literature, and his intelligence continues to inspire future generations and  make the world a better place.


One's dedication to something means they are willing to sacrifice important things such as families and friends but Shakespeare is dedicated in his work. "His entire life was committed to the public theater, and he seems to have written nondramatic poetry only when enforced closings of the theater made writing plays impractical"(William Shakespeare). He has lived his life between Stratford and London. He grew up and married in Stratford, and then moved to London to pursue his work in theater plays. After his marriage, he did not stay in the city where his family lived. Instead, he moved to London to continue working on his plays, which shows how committed he was to his work. Most people from that time would not have pursued grammar school if not born from a noble family. "Shakespeare studied Latin grammar during the early years, then progressed to the study of logic, rhetoric, composition, oration, versification, and the monuments of Roman literature. The work was conducted in Latin and relied heavily on rote memorization and the master's rod"(William Shakespeare). Not born from a noble family, Shakespeare made his way into the Stratford grammar school, this shows how hard he works just to become a writer and dramatist. Shakespeare had to discontinue his education around the age of 13 to help his father, which makes the fact that he is still an extraordinary literary unbelievable artist.  

William Shakespeare used his intelligence to place stepping stones for many dramatists and writers. He was 


considered to be one of the most greatest and talented writers in the American history. "By 1594 Shakespeare 


was fully engaged in his career. In that year he became principal writer for the successful Lord Chamberlain's 


Men-one of the two leading companies of actors; a regular actor in the company; and a 'sharer', or partner, in the 


group of artist-managers who ran the entire operation and were in 1599 to have the Globe Theater built on the 


south bank of the Thames".(William Shakespeare). Only few years into his career, Shakespeare quickly become 


the principal writer for a major drama company, this shows how intelligent and hardworking he is.  Not only did 


Shakespeare get into a major acting company, he also set the standards for many dramatic genres. " Shakespeare 


had established his career in London by 1592, when theater was flourishing in England. At the time of his 


retirement in 1613 he had made   important innovations in all the major dramatic genres, or forms, of the 


Renaissance period-comedy, romance, chronicle, and tragedy"(William Shakespeare). William Shakespeare was 


able to deal with the essential elements of human life, such as love, friendship, growing old, and facing death. In 


just 21 years, Shakespeare went from nothing to setting new standards for drama and writing. He redefined the 


definition of theater plays and writings with his masterpieces.


After just a few years of education, Shakespeare's commitment to his work made him one of the greatest writers in the American history. It's true that Shakespeare did not fight for his country in the military nor did he saved lives such as a firefighter, but the legacy he left behind, his plays and sonnets, sets the standard of literature. "The acknowledged Shakespearean canon of some thirty-seven plays, written in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, continues to sustain critical attention and elicit popular approval on a scale unrivaled by that accorded other writers of the period"(William Shakespeare). Shakespeare is a hero to me because his intelligence and motivation towards work gives others inspiration. He has contributed plenty to literature. Even till today, William Shakespeare's language is still being used and celebrated by writers and dramatists.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

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