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Will Treaty

by Tim from Blackstone Valley Prep

Will Treaty, from the series
Will Treaty, from the series

A hero is a person who risks everything to help others. Will Treaty, from the series Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan, is my hero because he fits this definition perfectly. In Araluen (a country in the world of Ranger's Apprentice), there was this saying, "One rally, one Ranger." This saying goes above and beyond its definition if you look at all the things Ranger 50, Will Treaty, has done. For example, sieging a castle with 30 men against one hundred twenty. Or burning a bridge to save his country, and nearly dying while at it. Or training archers for a nation where the chance of finding an adept archer is almost nil. Rangers are expert archers who can move with stealth. This really abets them on missions because sometimes the Rangers need to move without being seen. They are like the CIA of the book and are supposed to be intelligent, witty, and need to be able to cope with tight situations. This is what I admire Will Treaty for.

Will Treaty and a friend held back a massive army by burning a bridge. However, Will had to tight- rope the suspension cables to get more wood for the fire he was kindling, and nearly fell to his death. Will and his friend got captured by the opponent's army and became slaves just to save their nation. This proves that Will is a hero because he nearly died and became a slave to save his country. In the country Will was enslaved in, slaves did horrible things. Some slaves even breathed their last in Skandia, the country he was enslaved in!

Also, Will trained archers for the nation he was enslaved in, after he and his friend ran away. In Skandia, the bow is seldom used but Will somehow found enough bows and arrows to use while training the bowmen. However, Will didn't just do this for Skandia. He did it for the whole world. If the Temujai Warriors (the fiercest light cavalry in the world, and yes, Will had to battle them) defeated the Skandians, then they would move on to conquering the whole world. There were 8,000 of the Temuj, but Will managed to defeat them and send them packing because of the archers. Will did not give up in that battle, and because of the archers, the world as he knew it was saved.

Will Treaty is also my hero because he qualified a bunch of peasants to protect the emperor of the country of Nihon- Ja. Will taught the Kiorki (mountain people) that teamwork always wins and that they do not need an army of expert swordsmen to defeat one. He taught about four hundred mountain people the shield wall and battle in tight formation. Also, Will told the Kiorki not to fear the Senshi (expert soldiers). The Kiorki were taught well, and the Emperor of Nihon- Ja was saved.

Will Treaty is my hero because he is courageous, and risks everything to help others. Will did many things to help others, and never, ever gave up even if he was in a tight situation. Will is my hero because he is always full of great ideas and always new ones are being concocted. Usually those ideas are either to help someone, to get him out of a tight spot, or just a new way of doing things. Will is a great sport and person. I am inspired by Will Treaty and I wish I could be like him.

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