Teachers Heroes

Wendy Walski

by Dionne and Emmanuel from Michigan

First Timothy 4:12 and 16
This is our hero Mrs. Wendy Waski (She was at WMCAT an after school activity when it was taken)
This is our hero Mrs. Wendy Waski (She was at WMCAT an after school activity when it was taken)

What is a hero? A hero is a person who helps the community, who makes a difference in everyday life. Recognizing an unsung hero is important because we want to let them know that we appreciate them. Our hometown hero is Wendy Walski, our ninth grade algebra teacher at Central High School. Mrs. Walski is our hero because we feel she is always there for us, like after school, sporting events, and in class. She shows tons of dedication to her job and the things that she loves. For instance to the kids she teaches and for her passion, math.

One of the things that makes Mrs. Walski a good hero is her great personality. She would never judge anyone because of the way they look or act. I remember a time that Mrs. Walski had the day off but she came in for tutoring after school. That was a time she was selfless. She wasn’t getting paid for coming she did it because we needed help. That’s a hero. This paragraph is about how her personality is.

Another thing that makes Mrs. Walski a good hero is that she is very intelligent. Mrs. Walski is one of the smartest people we know. In high school Mrs. Walski didn’t have a 4.0. Her SAT’s and ACT’s scores carried her to college. Mrs. Walski is a great math teacher and can teach any level of math and also physics. That is why we think Mrs. Walski’s intelligence makes her a hero because she was a teenager that didn’t care about school. Then she became one of the best math teachers.

Our teacher Mrs.Walski is a very great person you can tell. Mrs. Walski's quote is a bible scripture found in First Timothy the fourth chapter. It reads "Let no one despise you because of your youth but in speech, conduct, love, purity, be an example for all." It also says "pay attention to yourself and your teaching. Continue in these things for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you." That is our teacher, Mrs. Walski's, quote.

As you can tell we gave reasons why Mrs. Walski is one of our heroes. Her morals are high and she doesn’t expect less than 100% from her students. Mrs. Walski is always there for anyone who needs her help. So when we need help that’s why we always go to her. That’s why she is a great hero, because of her will to help her students at Central High. Thanks Mrs. Walski! We appreciate it!

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Emmanuel and Dionne attend Central High School and are in the Freshmen Academy. We are both honor students and are in Mrs. Walski's math class. Emmanuel and Dionne are both 15 years old. Emmanuel would like to be a businessman when he grows up. Dionne would like to a Psychologist. We are excellent students. Thank You for reading our hero essay.