Winston Churchill

by Saman from San Diego

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."-Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill showing him love for peace ( (Unknown.))
Winston Churchill showing him love for peace ( (Unknown.))

Five election losses, those were the famous losses of one of the greatest prime ministers of all time, Winston Churchill. Through his failures he became the most significant political figure of Great Britain. Churchill never abandoned his dreams of becoming the most prominent member of parliament ever. He aided Great Britain in their time of need during World War II. Churchill saved Great Britain from numerous bombing threats made by Great Britain's foes and saved the Great Britain's economy from collapse during the war. He served in his country's army in a number of positions. While on missions in other countries he observed many injustices that he wished he could change. He later helped these other countries like Israel practice freedom. A hero is someone who possesses determination and intelligence while at the same time being an inspiration to the world and a role model to the individual. Winston Churchill portrayed these traits throughout his life, which is why he is deserving of the title Hero. 

Churchill standing before his country ( ())
Churchill standing before his country ( ())

Winston Churchill possessed more determination than any politician in history and demonstrated it throughout his whole life, especially in his political career. Even after his  parliamentary losses he refused to give up his dream of becoming Prime Minister. "...he lost more elections than any political figure in British History." (Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Sir) This demonstrated Churchill's relentless desire to become the best. He proved his yearning to become the political leader of Great Britain by perusing his dream. Even after all of his countless losses Churchill's sheer determination strove him toward his goal. Churchill possessed so much determination to achieve his goal that for a short time in his life he became a soldier journalist, he worked in the military just to bring home a good story and to get involved with politics. "...Churchill's first political role was that of a soldier journalist" (Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Sir). Churchill's willingness to re-join the army in order to possess involvement in politics proved his desire of becoming the greatest Prime Minister of all time. After Churchill rejoined the army he further proved his determination for his goal by risking his life while serving his country. Churchill portrayed his determination through every aspect of his life. He risked his life for his career and failed countless times, in the end Winston Churchill finally achieved his goal of becoming the greatest Prime Minister that Great Britain has ever had. 

churchill standing in his army clothes ( ())
churchill standing in his army clothes ( ())

Winston Churchill possessed an outstanding amount of courageousness, it drove him to achieve every goal that he set out for. In 1942 Winston Churchill became allies with the Soviets and helped take down Adolf Hitler, one of the world's most notorious ruthless tyrants. Hitler had committed countless acts of genocide and racism. Churchill decided to use his courageousness to bring down not only Hitler but also his Nazi system of government, so Churchill joined sides with the Soviets one of the most feared countries at the time to bring down Hitler and put an end to his crimes. "Defeating Hitler had absolute priority, and when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Churchill swiftly welcomed the Soviets as an ally." (Rabinowicz, Oskar) Churchill portrayed his  courageousness by not only attempting to defeat the most powerful army in the world but also joining with the Soviets. Churchill was courageous in the sense that he did not fear war and saved his country from devastating corruption. "When war came July 1941 he used his initiative to mobilize the fleet and prevent the chance of a surprise attack, but then recklessly attempted a futile defense of Antwerp." (Gilbert, Martin).  Churchill proved his courageousness once again by saving his country from war and not giving up to Hitler and his army at Antwerp. Churchill portrayed his courageousness taking on Hitler's army without concern by overcoming fear of war and he courageously took down Hitler's army at Antwerp. Churchill proved his Courageousness countless times and demonstrated his fearlessness by taking down Hitler and becoming one of the most respected leaders in Great Britain.

Churchill in his famous Top Hat  ( ())
Churchill in his famous Top Hat ( ())

I believe Churchill is deserving of the title hero because of his unprecedented Courageousness and overwhelming Intelligence. He was a great Prime Minister even after all of his failures he inspired the world to never give up and keep on trying. Churchill proved that you can fail a million times but never to give up and inspires people around the world  never to give up on their dreams. Churchill exemplifies determination through his countless failures and proves to the world to not measure your success based on how many times you fail but on how many times you succeed.  Winston Churchill is by far one of the most powerful and inspirational  political figures of all time. The world today would be a completely different place if he had given up on his dreams.

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