Wilma Rudolph

by Callie from North Carolina

My cherished hero is Wilma Rudolph. This is because Rudolph was told she would never walk and she became an Olympic runner. Rudolph only learned to walk at age nine. Wilma Rudolph realized that it takes perseverance to overcome what she overcame so she started the Wilma foundation to help other people do what she did.

When Rudolph was told she would never walk, she knew something had to be done. So she pushed forward and overcame polio, scarlet fever, and double pneumonia (sports illustrated for women, W). Wilma Rudolph later went on to place in the top three in the 1956 Olympics (sports illustrated for women, W). Wilma Rudolph never gave up and she always wanted to reach her goal…and she did. Rudolph also went to the Olympic again and won the gold in the 200 meter the 100 meter and the 4x10 meter dash (sports illustrated for women, W). Rudolph soon accomplished her goal only because she had the will to try.

Since Wilma Rudolph only learned to walk at age nine most people taught that her dream of becoming and track star had to wait, but she astonished those people when she took her high school basketball team to the state championships (world’s fastest women, W). When Rudolph proved people wrong that she could run it lets people know that you can do it and if you try you will accomplish that goal that you have set. At age 20 Wilma Rudolph was the first American women to win three gold medals at the Olympics (Diaz, W). Since she was the first American woman to win three gold medals it really shows how passionate she was about track.

After Wilma retired, she didn’t give up trying to accomplish her dreams. Rudolph established the Wilma Rudolph foundation to help children learn about American Heroes (siforwomen, W). When Wilma opened this program it showed that she really was compassionate by helping other people. Wilma really pushed herself to help other children have a chance at their dream. Wilma really tried (siforwomen, W). Wilma knew that other people’s dreams were just as important as hers!

Wilma Rudolph tragically died at age 54. Wilma died at her home in Nashville, Tennessee. This event occurred on November 12, 1994. Wilma had been suffering from a tragic case of brain cancer. When Wilma died, many family members at her side said that she was more worried about the kids she was helping than herself. That just goes to show how Wilma Rudolph really is a great American hero.

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