Wilma Rudolf

by Martina from Maribor, Slovenia

Wilma Rudolf
Wilma Rudolf

My hero is a woman who was very brave, strong and had great perseverence. It's very important that she always believed in herself and never gave up. Her name is Wilma Rudolf.

She was a black woman and she was born in a poor family. When she was five years old the doctors told her that she would not walk again. Luckily, she had a good mother who always told her: "If you have dreams you can make them come true." Later she began walking, step by step, and she wanted to become the best and the fastest runner. She started taking part in competitions. Wilma was always the last one, but one day she won a competition. A few years later she went to the university and there she found a great coach. They started to cooperate and she got better and better. Her coach eventually thought that she was prepared for the Olympic Games and she actually took part in them and won three medals.

The point of the story is that everything can happen if you just believe in yourself. We can do so much more with our lives if we have faith. Wilma Rudolf was disabled and she wanted to become the fastest runner and she made it because she believed in herself. That's why she is my hero.

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