Adam Wrainwright

by David from St. Louis, Missouri

My hero is Adam Wrainwright; born August 30, 1981 in Brunswick, Georgia. He is a right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. I chose him because he helped his team to become the World Series champions. So now I’m going to talk about why he is a hero. First, in the beginning of the playoffs, the Cardinals said that they really wanted to play for the series championship and there is one pitcher name Adam Wrainwright and he said “When they are close to win the playoffs or close to the championship game, he would do the backup pitching for them and make them a winner.” So I used to like him because I can see how he pitches so well and always make them a winner so I would think he could get them to the playoffs and I think he would become a hero for being so good at pitching and being brave and not being scare when he started pitching, he just never gave up.

Next is going to be about him being hero at the playoffs game. During the Mets’ game, I heard the Mets were getting close to play for the world series championship, so they had a plan to have good backup pitcher and its going to be Adam Wrainwright because they knew he could do it for his team too and make it for the World Series game. So he started to pitch now and it was now 2 out in the 9th inning 3 balls -2 strikes. Here comes the pitch to the batter and the batter swings and it goes to the 3rd baseman and he throws it to first and it was so close and it was now out and he did it and had made it to play for the world series game. They were so happy about him and Adam felt happy. "Woo-hoo yeah!" yelled Adam Wrainwright. They still think he was a hero now because he completed the rest of the playoff games. So they‘re now heading for the World Series championship game.

There is one more thing about him being a hero. First, they have won three games now and the manager said, “Adam you will start pitching at game four.” Adam said “Okay. I will not give up," to his coach and his team. So now they’re getting close to winning and the other team’s pitcher started to get good. Then the Cardinals team let the other team score a lot of runs and they beat them and the manager said “hold on Adam you're not going to pitch until game 5.” And Adam said “Yeah you're right and I can pitch game 5 for you.”

Finally they’re heading to STL right now for game 5. In the 9th inning they’re getting close to winning the championship game. So Adam is now getting ready to pitch and he feels a little scared. So now he starts to pitch to the batter and he stroke batter out and it now 2 out. Next here come the next throw and the batter hits the ball and later -runners and the pitcher is trying to calm down and he starts to throw and the batter misses the ball and does it again. Finally, the batter had 2 strikes and still has 2 out and so Adam is calming for a minute and now he's getting ready to throw to the batter and the batter starts to swing and he misses the ball and Adam did it! He and his team have become the World Series champions. His team and all of St. Louis are so happy about him and I think he was a true hero for what he did with his pitching. He made us a winner.

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