Herschel Walker

by Alex from USA

“Strive to be the very best you can be. Run the race against yourself and not the guy in the other lane.”

Herschel Walker, an All-American Football player, lived by these words. He was born on March 3rd, 1962 in Augusta, Georgia. He grew up just outside of there in Wrightsville, Georgia.

This All-American did and continues to do amazing deeds. Hershel Walker had an A+ average in high school. He was a very bright student, and was a great football player. He scored 85 touchdowns in his freshmen through senior year in high school. Herschel joined the New Jersey Generals of the short-lived United States Football League.

After graduating college, Herschel joined the National Football League and gained more yards than any professional in the league. He holds 2nd place for most yards rushed in the league. He is an Academy of Achievement Honor student. He is a recipient of the Golden Plate Award for players who score fifty or more touchdowns through four years of high school.

Herschel is a very compassionate person when working with others. He donates a lot of his own money to children with speech impediments. He also works with numerous charitable funds. Not only does he help the poor, he helps children with disabilities in school to help them become successful.

Herschel Walker is important to me because he is hard-working and very determined. He follows his dreams and strives to achieve his goals. He is also very compassionate working with charitable organizations he is committed to.

Herschel has made a difference in my life because he shows me to always follow my dreams and never give up. Because of him, I always try hard at what I’m doing. I always try to show the same perseverance and determination as he did.

Once I was trying out for a traveling basketball team for the first time. I was nervous and pretty negative that I would not make the team. But, I never gave up. I tried my hardest and if I didn’t make the team, I knew I gave it all I had. Fortunately, I made the team and was very excited.

Herschel will always be my hero because he shows me to never give up and to try my hardest. He is a great man on and off the football field.

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