Teachers Heroes

W. Scott Walker

by Morgan from North Carolina

Scott Walker
Scott Walker

A hero, to me, is not only someone who is important to you, but a person that has impacted your life in some great, unforgettable way. My hero is my algebra teacher, Scott Walker, in North Carolina. Mr. Walker is my hero for many reasons. My experiences in his classroom have affected me in a way like no other person has. I have never found a teacher to be as humorous, encouraging, caring, and trusting as Mr. Walker has been.

Once when I was really upset about a family problem at home, Mr. Walker was there for me and he listened to everything I had to say, and it made me feel a lot better. He gave me some advice and told me some things I could do and how to handle my situation. The funny stories and jokes he told also made me put a smile on my face

Mr. Walker’s three year old son, Caleb, had a growth on his back. Walker said his feeling changed as a dad once he found that out. He said “It made me cherish every moment and not taking anything for granted”. Mr. Walker wants the best for his kids and wants them to not take anything in life for granted either.

In math class, Mr. Walker was very encouraging. He didn’t want us to fail and wouldn’t let us fail. Even in the worst situation, he just reminded himself that “Its not about me, it’s about the students”. None of my teachers have ever shown they cared as much for me and for the students as Mr. Walker does everyday. He says the happiest time of his career was the day he realized he was no longer babysitting, but actually teaching his students.

Mr. Walker is my hero because he has gone beyond what any other teacher of mine has gone before. He does things to help other people and will do anything he can to help them. For example, when we were getting ready for the algebra end-of course exam, he would stay after school tutoring until 5:00 everyday. One of his goals for teaching was to make a difference in people’s lives, and I think he has greatly accomplished his goal.

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