Literary Heroes


by Devin from Anchorage, Alaska


There are many different things and people you could call your hero. I call my hero Wall-E. Wall-E is adventurous, nice, and also strong. These Wall-E is pretty amazing.

Wall-E is adventurous in a lot of ways. First of all he goes out and explores all the time. When he explores he finds lots of stuff and keeps it but he goes lots of places. He gets garbage from all around and makes it into squares. It is pretty adventurous if you go explore all around.

Wall-E is nice because when a robot from the ship where all the humans are, comes down to earth to look around Wall-E is nice and brings the robot, Eva, to his house. He shows Eva all the stuff he has and what he has found on earth while looking around for trash. He shows her the green plant that he found and that is what Eva is looking for. He is nice and gives it to her. When they bring it back onto the ship the captain is amazed and wants to go back to Earth. The robots that run mostly everything want to get rid of the green plant because they don't want to be not used. Wall-E helps Eva make sure they don't do anything to it and helps make sure the green plant is safe. That's pretty nice to me.

Some would say Wall-E is not strong. Some would say he is a scardy cat but just because he gets scared at big and bad things, doesn't mean that he isn't strong. I think Wall-E is strong because even though the things he encounterd are big and bad he still sticks up to them and doesn't run away. Also going out and exploring Earth when there is no one around and you are all by yourself, makes you pretty strong. Wall-E doesn't know what's out there and he doesn't know if there are bad things out there but he still goes out there, even though there could be bad things out there. You've got to be pretty strong to not be scared that there could be monsters out there.

These are just some characteristics that make a hero a good hero. These are also just some that make Wall-E my hero. If you have seen the movie, then you could see why I have chosen Wall-E as my hero. GO WALL-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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