Community Heroes


by Joey from Georgia

My hero is my dad. I have known my dad my entire life. He is related to me because he is my parent/guardian. I chose my dad for this essay because he helps citizens if they have allergies (he is an allergist). My dad is an outstanding person.

My dad has done many things that are heroic. He helps people with allergies (as I said in the first paragraph), he takes care of me (so does my mom), and he helps me with homework if I am stuck on a problem. A heroic characteristic he has is that he is strong. When I get allergies, he can get rid of them in an amazing amount of time. Another heroic characteristic about him is that he had courage when he had to go through years of medical training. My dad has done many stupendous things.

Dad has many similarities and differences to qualities ancient Greeks would admire in their heroes. A similarity they both have is courage, which Greeks and present-day citizens would admire. A difference is that my dad has an advanced intellect, which would only be admired today. A second similarity is that my dad is brave and has courage, which would be admired in the present and in the ancient Greek times. Another difference is that my dad is honest, but for sure the ancient Greeks wouldn’t care about honesty. Greeks always made sculptures of perfect views of humans, and no one is perfect, so Greek sculptures weren’t always the picture of honesty. My dad is an amazing person, and he is my hero.

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