Will Smith

by Molly from New Haven

What is a hero? A hero can be a regular person; it doesn't have to be someone famous. He or she could be a firefighter who saves lives or just a funny actor who makes people laugh. A hero to me is a person who stands up for what they believe in no matter what the consequences. Heroes put their lives at risk to save another's. They are people who overcome their difficulties. Again, a hero doesn't have to be famous. It could be your best friend who helped you get through tough times or a family member who helped you get into college or study for your midterm.

My hero is Will Smith. He is a great actor who plays funny roles. He also is very faithful to his wife and kids. This shows what a great person he is. Sometimes actors who are very famous seem to get tied up in their work and don't have that much time to be with their kids. But Will always makes time for his kids and family, which shows how much he cares.

He also makes me laugh. I grew up watching "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and it always made me laugh. But it also had some very serious topics in certain episodes. For example, in one episode, Carlton, Will's cousin, gets robbed and Will gets shot in the leg. Carlton feels like he should avenge his brother. Will teaches Carlton to not pick up a gun and do something he would regret. It was a very serious scene. Carlton gave Will the gun and Will began to cry. This teaches that revenge will cause more problems than it will solve. I thought Will was a hero in this particular episode because he taught children a good lesson.

Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born into a loving family in Philadelphia. His parents were Caroline and Willard Smith Jr. Will was the second of four children. While growing up, he adopted the nickname "French Prince." He got this nickname for his slick way of getting out of bad situations. He met Jeff Townes at a party and they started working making music albums as Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. They quickly became popular. Will then made a lot of money, which he spent on cars and a house.

Then he met Benny Medina in 1989. Benny had an idea of Will starring in a sitcom based on his life in Beverly Hills. Both he and NBC approved of the idea. In 1990, they aired his new show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The plot of the show was simple: Will played himself, a hysterical, street-smart west Philly kid that was transported to Beverly Hills by his mother, who wanted Will to become a civilized human being. Instead, Will turned his uncle's and cousins' lives upside down with his dancing, loud music and mischief. The series lasted 6 years. The critics then took note of him in the movie “Six Degrees of Separation” (1993) and the success that came in the action picture “Bad Boys” (1995). Wills career was set!

Will has the great ability of making people laugh. He is important to me because he is great with his kids and wife and can make me laugh. He teaches valuable morals and lessons. He is a great person to look up to, both on the screen and off. Will made a difference in my life by bringing happiness and laughter into my life after a rough day.

Will is a phenomenal actor. He often plays a funny role or a stubborn detective or agent. He always makes me laugh with his funny outfits and weird dance moves. He is a great comedian, parent and actor. This is why Will Smith is my hero.

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