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William Henry Gates

by Matías from Buenos Aires

This is an image of Bill, smiling. (Wikipedia)
This is an image of Bill, smiling. (Wikipedia)

My hero is not a common hero. In my opinion, he is a very kind hero. He has everything I think a hero has: he is intelligent, careful, caring, very kind, and exceptionally generous. My hero is William Henry Gates III (known as Bill Gates).

William was born on October 28th, 1955. He is actually fifty-two years old. Mr. Gates lives in Washington D.C., U.S.A. He is married to Melinda Gates, and has three children. The Gates family is the richest family in the world, since 1995. His fortune was estimated in 59 billion U.S. dollars in 2007. Gates is actually owner of Microsoft ®, he is a general chief of lots of companies, and is a chief software architect. Gates is one of the best known software sellers.

<a href=>Bill, University of Waterloo </a>
Bill, University of Waterloo

William, I believe, is a hero without a cape. He isn’t an earthkeeper. He is a lifesaver, who doesn’t fly, who is not a warrior, or someone who punches. He is a person who kindly donates. He has donated more than 6 billion dollars to African countries to reduce famine. That shows his kindness and caring towards others.

He started a foundation, “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” where he donates and distributes all the money to the needy people. He is well thanked by the people. Bill doesn’t just give money; he organizes places where he gives food to people who have nothing to eat, and talks to them. The foundation also gives the opportunity to those people to learn as well as it helps to reduce deadly illnesses as malaria and tuberculosis.

<a href=>Bill & Melinda</a>
Bill & Melinda

He demonstrated to me that a hero might not have a cape, or a sword, but may still help. He taught me that a hero can save lives without hurting. He taught me that a hero doesn’t need any weapon.


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