Wilma Glodean Rudolph

by Elisse from Aurora

* Care provided through prayer and faith inside.
Wilma Rudolph
Wilma Rudolph

My hero is Wilma Rudolph. She is my hero because she has shown me the meaning of faith. Wilma also has perseverance, because she was able to get through many difficult diseases. Wilma Rudolph is an amazing woman, I hope you agree.

Wilma Rudolph was not born in the best condition. She was born in 1940, with polio. She was born in Bethlehem, Tennessee, and lived in Tennessee for most of her life. Wilma Rudolph is not just an ordinary person though; she suffered polio, scarlet fever, pneumonia, and a bad leg.

Wilma was born 20th of 22 children, so her family did not have much money to treat her medically. Also, she was black so she couldn’t get into the best hospitals. She got a leg brace when she was 5. Many people thought she would never walk again. Many people, except Wilma. Wilma Rudolph had faith that she would one day walk again… maybe even run! Wilma’s faith and determination helped her. One Sunday while Wilma, 11, was at church, she took off her leg brace and walked down the church aisle. At age 13, Wilma joined the track team. Not long after, she won races. Ed Temple asked her to join a training camp at Tennessee University. Ed influenced Wilma.

In 1956 Wilma went to the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. She lost the 200-meter race, but her relay team won the bronze medal. In 1960, Wilma Rudolph won the world record in the 200-meter dash. She got 3 gold medals in the Rome Olympics. Wilma received the Sullivan Award. Wilma received many Hall of Fame honors before she died in 1994. When she died the Olympic Flag was laid over her casket.

In T.A. Barron’s book, The Heroes Trail, Wilma Rudolph is mentioned as a hero within. Wilma Rudolph had the hero qualities of hero within because she had perseverance. Perseverance means being able to survive something difficult. Wilma had to survive polio, a bad leg, scarlet fever, and pneumonia. Wilma’s heroic qualities were always inside her. She’s in the Hall of Fame for that.

Wilma taught the world the meaning of hope and faith. We will never forget Wilma Rudolph. She had the ability to survive many challenges. Even though she had a bad leg, she still won gold medals, honors and many other awards for running!

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