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Winter The Dolphin

by Sophia from Riverview

Dolphins are cute and entertaining animals to see live. But what is really entertaining is watching a movie about a dolphin who critically injured her tale. This dolphin's name is Winter. She was born October 10th in 2005. After being rescued, Winter lives in Clearwater Marine Aquariam (CMA) in Florida. I chose Winter as my hero because she has been through a lot of hardships but never gave up and tried harder. After researching about my hero Winter, the dolphin, I became more aware about who she is, her background, and the impact she made on the world.

Six years ago, Winter was swimming freely in the coastal waters of Florida in December 2005 when she experienced her accident. She was caught in a crab trap which proceeded to her losing her tail. Winter was only two months old when she was found injured at Mosquito Lagoon, south of New Smyrna Beach. A fisherman found Winter caught in the crab trap line then cut her loose. Upon doing so, he called a rescue team out to help Winter. After the call, she was rescued and transported to CMA. Afterwards Winter lost her whole tale and now uses a prosthetic.

In addition Winter was faced with a new lifestyle. She couldn't swim like a normal dolphin because of her injury. Winter was given a prosthetic made by Dan Strzempka. However because of her sensitive dolphin skin she had to learn to swim with the prosthetic both on and off. Winter had the strength to accomplish this way of living as a dolphin. Along with having the patience to take the time to train and learn. Winter also loves her caretakers and her fans. The show always goes on when Winter is the star.

Furthermore, Winter impacted trainers and fans. Winter was not born to live without a tail so the way she had to live challenged her. The people around her took notice of Winter doing her best and not giving up. Winter remains positive and keeps a healthy lifestyle. She discovered that she is a strong dolphin that can still live happily with or without a tail.

A hero is someone who impacts those around them. When I was done reading about Winter I saw how her characteristics and her past made her a hero. Winter the dolphin made me realize that I should stay positive in my everyday life because she stayed positive through the biggest obstacle in her life.

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