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Winter The Dolphin

by Sarah from Glenbrook Middle School

‘Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.’ Mother Teresa
Winter The Dolphin!
Winter The Dolphin!

Every one has a hero, even if it may be someone who seems incapable to be a hero. My hero is Winter the dolphin! Winter has helped little kids with diseases and injuries see that there is someone like them who can understand. Winter herself has had a horrible injury. Winter is supportive, because the children feel that she is the same as they are. She is loving and kind, caring, and Winter is helpful. She gives the children hope. Last winter, Winter got her tail stuck in a crab trap; she was predicted not to survive. But Winter persevered, she never gave up and she was very trusting of the Clearwater Aquarium staff. Winter is my hero because she helps people believe in themselves. One of the people that believes in Winter is Ross Perri and his dream to swim with dolphins.

Ross Perri’s dream was to swim with dolphins, but he was a 12-year-old boy with leukemia from Jericho, Vermont. One night trying to make Ross’s dream come true Ross was able to see Winter using the web cam, Ross loved it. He was laughing and smiling. He said he loved to watch her splash and jump in the water. Unfortunately that night unexpectedly Ross passed away. Ross’s parents were glad that Ross could spend his last night talking to Winter.

Winter also helped a little girl named Katrina Simpkins by having her come see Winter. She fell on the hardwood floor of her house and broke her hip, and then the doctors found a fractured knee. Winter helped her by showing her she can live without fear. She watched Winter splash. Katrina thought that when Winter was splashing she seemed to say, “We are the same.” Katrina really enjoyed this. Winter really is a role model to young children.

Winter also helped a boy from Hudson named Brandon. He is eleven. He lost his leg to a boat propeller. He was sitting on the back of the boat in a towel and the boat hit a rock. His dad, his dog, and himself fell off the boat. The towel got caught in the propeller and dragged him in. Winter got to help Brandon, by showing him that he is not alone and isn’t the only one who lost their leg. Winter also helped a 3-year-old girl named Sophie, from Texas, and a 5-year-old boy named Heath, from Orlando.

Although Winter has helped a lot of children, she still is on the move by helping as many children as she can. She has helped so many children with diseases and disabilities, I cannot name all of them. While helping some children, people got word that Winter was spending a lot of time with children. This brought a lot of people together because some adults who have these diseases realized Winter was special.

Winter is special; she likes to paint with children who have cancer. She paints with them by taking a paintbrush in her snout and painting. She is influential to little children; she is helpful and sweet. Winter is motivating and humble, loyal to the children, and she is very positive. Winter is my hero; she has inspired me to help people who have injuries and cancer. Because of Winter these people now have some hope in life!


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