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Winter the Dolphin

by Brady from Weyauwega

How would you feel if you lost an arm or leg in a accident that was not your fault? Winter, a dolphin that lost a fin, knows how that feels. Winter was swimming peacefully and got stuck in a trap line and struggled to get free. Luckily, a fisherman, Jim Savage, saw the dolphin and tried to free her. After the incident Winter was transferred to CMA. Winter is a hero because she never gives up, she was able to relearn to swim, and she gives others encouragement.

One day in Mosquito Lagoon (near Cape Canaveral, Florida) Winter, a bottlenose dolphin, was swimming around and all of a sudden she got stuck in a crab trap line. Once she realized she was stuck, Winter struggled to get free. During this the fisherman, Jim Savage, heard a loud splashing in the water. Once Jim got to the noise he saw Winter getting tangled up and he quickly came to help her out. Once the fisherman got some of the line off of the poor dolphin he went to call for some help. Thankfully, Winter was transferred to Clearwater Marine Aquarium(CMA).

Winter has survived a tragic injury and is still re learning to swim. Once Winter got to CMA they quickly helped her and got her into surgery. After the surgery, the doctors told the CMA that Winter had to get her tail removed and two lower spinal vertebrae. After that line tangling and being transferred to CMA, she recovered. She learn to swim by herself without the new tail. But if she continued to swim without the tail, her spine would warp and cause major damage. Once they got the news, a group of prosthetic experts came to them and offered to help the dolphin. Mike Welsh, a prosthetic physician, had a idea to make an artificial tail and try to get her to swim again. So they made this pretend tail that will fit like a sleeve over the damaged tail and it is sticky enough to keep a good hold on as Winter swims. Once they tested the tail, they were proven right; The tail held.

Winter the dolphin has helped a lot of children find good homes. Not only has Winter survived a tragic injury, but she herself is a foster dolphin. When she got trapped in the crab trap line she was separated from her family.Although through her amazingly rapid recovery she was a foster dolphin and she has helped foster children to find "forever families". She has raised money for a foster charity that is called Winter's Dreams. According to Carroll, "Winter has helped us 20 times more than we helped her" (Barry). This event has helped hundreds of fostered children to find good homes by donating half of the money raised from people wanting to see Winter.

So as you have read, Winter is a hero because she never gave up, she also learned to swim again with a prosthetic tail, and finally, she has given others a feeling of belonging and love. Winter is a 3 month old bottlenose dolphin who has survived her loss of her tail and raised money for children in foster care to find a good home. Winter is a hero to many people and their futures.

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