by Madelyn from Madisonville, Louisiana

"Last night I was dreamed that I was chasing a pack of wolves, trying to belong.” Unknown
Grey Wolf (Joel Sartore)
Grey Wolf (Joel Sartore)

What does a hero mean in your words? To me a hero is someone who saves the day. It could also be someone with faith, courage, and supernatural abilities. Some examples are in "Nanny McFee 2" and "Hercules." That's why wolves are my heroes.

Wolves are my heroes because they're strong, brave, and very protective. They are also very much like humans. They can run fast and can jump, too. They can do that all day long because of their stamina. Those are some characteristics I share with wolves.

Dogs of today are descendants of wolves. The kind of dog that is closest to a wolf is a Siberian husky. Those have the same heavy coats like wolves and they have all the genetics of a wolf. Wolves are amazing at camouflage, too. They are white in winter to blend in with snow and brown in every other season to blend in with trees and forests.

Wolves are very loving at most points, also. If you come close to a wolf cub, their mothers will do anything to keep them safe. They live in forests, usually far from civilizations. They feast on any animal they can kill. Usually, they feast on small rodents such as squirrels. There is a variety of different kinds of wolves. There are eight types of wolves. The most common types are the Red Wolves, the Gray Wolves, and the Ethiopian Wolves.

Many people have different heroes. Even heroes can have heroes. You may think differently than I do, but my heroes are wolves, and it will stay that way.

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