Literary Heroes

Wonder Woman

by Ruth from Dumaguete City

Wonder Woman: Super Hero

I have so many heroes in my life, but I would like to introduce you to just one of my heroes. She is a beautiful angel, and is named "Wonder Woman." I would like to tell you why I treat her as one of my heroes.

Why? Because Wonder Woman is a very good hero. I treat her as one of my heroes for so many reasons. One reason is that she helps people in need. She fights against enemies who destroy the world, in order to give peace to the nation. She really is a helpful one.

I discovered Wonder Woman when I was in grade six. I discovered that she is as great as I expected. Her good attitude, her powers, and her helpfulness are very amazing. Similarly to other heroes, Wonder Woman is a hero to many people, like me. She deserves to be a hero for me.

Wonder Woman is not alone. She has so many co-heroes. She is one of the heroes in "Justice League," along with: Superman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Flash, and others. They are all heroes who help each other to save the universe.

I really like Wonder Woman. I like her attitude, and the way she helps people. She is one of my idols. If I were ever given the chance to meet her, I would be very happy. I'll be a Wonder Woman fan forever!!

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