The Wright Brothers

by Kelvin from Arcadia

The Wright Brothers are true heroes. I recently have learned about their lives, heroic deeds, and have had some thoughts that have really made my brain work. You’ll enjoy learning about my heroes.

The Wright Brothers had a life full of imagination. Wilbur was born in the 1867, but Orville was born in the year 1871. They were the first people who built and flew the airplane. When they were little, they tinkered with their toys. They always tried to fly.

There are many heroic deeds that the Wrights accomplished. The Wright Brothers were failures from the start. Though their inspiration never ended. They were very good inventors to build the first airplane. In the end, they were the first men to fly.

Learning about the Wright Brothers has made me think. Since the Wright Brothers never gave up, I don’t think I should give up either. I will always try my best because the Wright Brothers did. I think I should be good and have a great life.

Two great heroes we should know about are the Wright Brothers. Their lives and heroic deeds have provoked some great thoughts in me. They are my heroes.

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