The Wright Brothers

by Allan from Arcadia

The Wright brothers inspirational heroes, I just learned about. I would like to share their life, heroic deeds, and my thoughts. I am certain that you will learn a lot about my heroes.

The Wright brothers had a very frustrating life. They were inspired by a toy helicopter their dad gave them as little boys. Wilbur never graduated from High School. After they invented the first plane, the Wright brothers won the Congressional Medal and the French Legion of Honor.

Wilbur and Orville Wright accomplished many heroic deeds. Wilbur and Orville invented the first plane. They also made traveling faster and safer. The Wright brothers encouraged us to make transportation more advanced.

I have had so many mindful thoughts about my heroes. I will be as smart as they were. I couldn’t believe that Wilbur or Orville didn’t quit. I can’t believe that the Wright brothers took so many risks.

As you have read, the Wright brothers had a frustrating life. They are truly heroes.

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